New Leica Monochrom Silver Anniversary Edition camera announced by Nordic Photo

Nordic Photo announced a new Leica M Monochrom Silver Anniversary Edition camera for their 25th anniversary (the Monochrom is available only in black). This limited edition will come with a silver Leica Summilux M 35mm f/1.4 ASPH lens (including a silver lens hood). The price is 140,000 SEK (around $21,000).

Update - here is more info on that limited edition camera:

Due to the 25th anniversary of Nordisk Foto Import, we in collaboration with Leica have created a unique Leica camera, which will be sold exclusively in Denmark and Sweden.

We hereby introduce LEICA Monochrome Silver Anniversary Edition. A set that reflects Nordisk Foto Imports 25th anniversary as Leica agent and therefore are manufactured in the exclusive number of 25 sets. LEICA Monochrome Silver Anniversary Edition consists of a LEICA Monochrome camera, fabricated to the occasion in a silver version, but all specifications are identical to the black version. The camera is covered with unique Aztec beige leather and on the hot shoe is the name Monochrome replaced by a special serial number from 01/25 to 25/25 Included in the set is a LEICA Summilux M-1.4/35 ASPH Silver Lens, which is also manufactured for the occasion, as this version of the lens not is in the normal Leica product range.

The lens appears in a very exclusive Silver version, because the lenshood and the front & rear cover also are in Silver, which makes this lens as one of the all time most beautiful special lenses from Leica.

Included in the kit is also a matching shoulder strap in Aztec beige leather and all the standard accessories from the black version, such as battery, charger, cables and the latest version of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. (Download after registration on Leica

The camera will exclusively be sold through the Leica dealers in Denmark for 115.000 DKK or in Sweden for 140.000 SEK including 25% local VAT, which is the same as 15.000 € or around 21.000 US$

More information about this special edition is possible at:

Via Fotosidan

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  • Say What?

    I just jizzed all over my computer.

  • BB

    Any news regarding Zeiss or Voigtlander consider they still produce lens optimised for film….. a body pretty please

    • sperdynamite

      The news is that both have an excellent line up of lenses and there are 3 bodies still in production to match, in addition to 2 medium format bodies. Pick one up today and order a brick of HP5 or Tri-X from your favorite camera store.

      • BB

        hehe well I can certainly do that since all my cameras are 35mm film era cams….. but o why delay the inventible move to digital. I’m sure many would welcome a digital body to match the fine lens no?

  • djorourke

    Good looking camera. I’d love to shoot the heck out of it.

  • Kynikos

    How many Aztecs were killed to make the ‘Aztec Beige Leather’?

  • Simon

    It’s Hermès v2!

  • Vivek


  • Akiva S.

    If I win the lottery……….

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