Panasonic LX8 rumored to be announced in July, Leica D-Lux 7 should follow in September


The already discontinued Leica D-Lux 6 camera

The latest rumors suggest that a new Panasonic LX8 compact camera will be announced on July 16th. The new model will feature a build-in EVF and a larger sensor. If those turn out to be correct, you can expect a new Leica D-Lux 7 camera to be announced during Photokina in September. The current black Leica D-Lux 6 version is already listed as discontinued at B&H (other D-Lux 6 models are still available):


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  • It’s time they put an end to this D Lux 7 nonsense and focus on real cameras

    • blah blah

      when you spend a week with this camera in your hand, you’ll change your mind

      • I’ve used point and shoots before, including D Lux models. I rather use my phone’s camera if I can’t carry a real camera.

        • Gary R Wise

          Genotype-thingy – are you like, 15?

          • You maybe Wise but you sure ain’t witty.

          • Gary R Wise

            OK – use your wits to defend your assertion that a phone camera isn’t a real camera.

          • Maybe the way you use a camera it doesn’t make a difference whether it’s a phone camera or not.

          • Gary R Wise

            Maybe. I’ve seen your work and it’s technically excellent. I doubt it matters what you use to capture anything, you have an ‘eye’ – all that counts. The rest is technical preferences.

          • For me it’s the special abilities of the tools that inspire me to shoot the things I see day in and day out. YMMV. But when I travel to an unfamiliar place I have no hesitations to use my phone’s camera if there’s nothing better around.

          • Gary R Wise


            I made that mistake with the D Lux 4, so bought LX-5 and LX-7 for stealthy quality. I look forward to this year’s LX-8. Not everyone is so label-conscious as you think.

            I already learned the lesson of the law of diminishing returns where technology is concerned. Perhaps at your level you require the very best gear, but that doesn’t entitle you to look down on the lowly point and shoots and judge them [and thereby their owners] as ‘not real’ or serious. At least not in public, please.

          • As I said, I gladly use my phone when I don’t have anything else around. I don’t have any issues with what camera people use… some people I know don’t take photos at all 🙂 The fact is there are better tools out there that are more responsive (useful for timing), more functional (e.g. low light) and even cheaper than a D Lux. Perhaps you might have to carry a second lens as well to get the most. But it’s when people say these abilities don’t make a difference I will point out the facts.

            Also this whole thing about stealthiness is more psychological than anything. We all look at two cameras that we like and think the smaller one is the one that people don’t notice. E.g. I feel my 4×5 is stealthy and completely acceptable to take anywhere and shoot without gaining notice when compared to my 8×10. But if I get a 11×14, suddenly the 8×10 becomes stealthy option as if it shrunk and started absorbing EM waves.

          • Gary R Wise

            Utter bollocks in my experience. The smaller the camera, the more people tend to relax because they don’t take me too seriously. And good luck shooting those huge cameras tableside in a restaurant. Chacun à son goût, old chap.

          • Been there and done that without getting noticed. .. 8×10 candid in a small cafe:

            Trying being a bit more positive in life… and that’s not a film joke.

        • Guest

          Maybe. I’ve seen your work and it’s technically excellent. I doubt it matters what you use to capture anything, you have an ‘eye’ – all that counts. The rest is technical preference.

  • Pantechnicon

    MFT sensor and a grip. But that would probably make it better than the T.

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