Leica links from around the Web

Here are some Leica links from around the Web - I already posted them on the blog's Facebook page in the past few weeks:

Leica M3 Cutaway 2 Leica M3 Cutaway 3
Leica M3 Cutaway 4 Leica M3 cutaway camera
→ This Leica M3 cutaway camera is listed on eBay for EUR 12,000 (via neotype).

→ Detailed 3D model of the Leica M Typ 240 camera is now available in different formats.

Construction of Leica camera from 1957
→ Construction of Leica camera from 1957 (source: The TAO of Leica)

→ Leica M2 with E.Leitz Midland Canada’s Stemar 1:3.5 f=3.3cm Stereo lens and Leicavit MP (via Tokyocamerastyle)

More Leica links after the break:

Photographer discovers an old Leica and 20k slides in late grandfather’s belongings.

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  • The “why I’ve gone back shooting film” link is broken..

  • NoMeJodas

    I couldn’t agree more with “why I’ve gone back shooting film”. Digital cameras never managed to give me the same satisfying experience I had with my good old Minolta SRT film SLR I’ve grown up with. After monkeying around with DSLRs for a while, I’m now a happy M240 shooter. It is basically the same as shooting film. Just remember to leave the settings at “classic” and to keep the EVF off. Now comes the most difficult part: Don’t chimp until you are back home!

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