New Leica M-P 240 camera announced

Leica Camera announced a new Leica M-P 240 digital rangefinder with few improvements over the basic M 240 model:

  • Scratch resistant display-cover made of sapphire glass
  • Long-lasting readiness to capture due to a large double sized image buffer of 2GB (possible to shoot up to 24 images in full continuous speed of 3 fps)
  • Pure look without the Leica Logo and “M” lettering on the front side
  • Manual viewfinder frame selection with the traditional ‘frame selector‘

The new model is priced at $7,950 and is currently available for pre-order in black and silver chrome.

Update #1: the price of the regular Leica M 240 camera will be going up on September 1st, 2014.

Update #2: the new Leica M-P is also available for pre-order at B&H, Leica Store SF and Adorama (black and silver chrome).

The large buffer size of 2 GB makes it possible to shoot up to 24 images in full continuous speed of 3 frames per second. With such a buffer size, the new Leica M-P is ready to shoot at almost anytime, thus, the ‘decisive moment’ is never missed.

With the reduced, classic look, without the Leica logo, the Leica M-P has an unobtrusive appearance making it a professional tool with a unique identity. The sapphire glass is extremely scratch resistant and unbreakable, an appealing feature to professional photographers. Leica Camera is the only manufacturer that offers sapphire glass as a camera display protection. The Leica M-P has the classic image field selector which is another appealing feature to professional photographers and avid Leica M users.

The Leica M-P in silver chrome finish will be available from next week while the black paint finish version will be available from mid-September. There are new protectors and ever ready cases designed for the the Leica M-P which will be available from mid-September. The new case designs will accommodate the frame selector on the M-P. Current protectors and ever ready cases cannot be used with the Leica M-P. Other technical accessories such as the multi-functional handgrip M, electronic viewfinder EVF 2, R-Adapter M for the M (Typ 240) can be used with the Leica M-P.

Press release:


Leica Camera AG, Wetzlar, presents a further model in the Leica rangefinder camera segment. Based on the otherwise identical Leica M, the Leica M-P offers all the technical advantages of the Leica M-System and several additional features, for example an enlarged buffer memory. The ‘P’ in the name of this camera indicates the particularly discreet and enduring design concept with which the Leica M-P joins the line of Leica M-Cameras conceived especially to fulfil the needs of professional photographers.

The buffer memory capacity of the Leica M-P has been increased to 2 GB – twice the size of that of the Leica M. This guarantees that the Leica M-P is immediately ready to shoot in almost all situations. This is a particular advantage when shooting pictures in rapid succession, as the image data needs to be buffered directly after the shutter is released, before writing to the SD memory card. This means that users can now react to events with even greater spontaneity to capture the decisive moment in almost every photographic situation.

In terms of design, the Leica M-P is based on the typical characteristics of the Leica rangefinder system and focuses in particular on robustness and a long product lifespan. The use of an extremely scratch-resistant sapphire crystal cover for its LCD monitor is one example of this. This material is so hard that it can only be worked with special diamond cutting tools and is one of the world’s hardest materials. In practical terms, the sapphire glass LCD cover is almost unbreakable and offers resistance to many kinds of wear and stresses, meaning that the camera is ideally equipped for many years of use. Thanks to an anti-reflective coating on both sides of the cover glass, image reviewing is now even better, even in difficult lighting conditions, and allows photographers to assess and check every subject with optimum precision both before and after exposure.

The unobtrusive and minimalistic look of the Leica M-P provides even greater discretion in decisive shooting situations. Many photographers who already use Leica M-Cameras actually tape over the red Leica logo to make their work as unobtrusive as possible. For precisely this reason, this identifying feature has been omitted from the new rangefinder camera. Instead, the top plate of the camera is engraved with a subtle Leica script.

Other new details of the camera include a frame selection lever with which bright-line frames for six different focal lengths can be projected into the viewfinder to simulate subject framing. The corresponding frames are shown in pairs for the focal lengths 28 and 90 mm, 35 and 135 mm or 50 and 75 mm. This avoids the need to change lenses to assess suitable subject framing, offers greater creative freedom and allows photographers to concentrate fully on composing their pictures.

The Leica M-P is available now from authorised Leica dealers in two different versions: a black-paint version and a traditional silver chrome version. The Leica M-P complements the Leica M. Both cameras will be marketed together.

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  • layupjones

    So the oversized logo has been replaced with an oversized screw?

    • There was a hole and they had to fill it.. 🙂 With a really expensive screw.

      Jokes aside, I would prefer a slimmer body, as M6, and most of all a human price.
      Things are getting ridiculous, I’m sorry.

    • BM

      The oversized hole is to make it easier to adjust the vertical position of the rangefinder. God forbid they change something for the better.

    • Lika

      The oversized screw is just an inside joke from Leica. “We’re $crewing you once again…..ha,ha…”

      • PGi

        Not funny but insulting

    • TechUser2011

      Look at the difference between the M9 and the M9-P.

      Here is the M9:

      Here is the M9-P:

      The M9-P also had a screw in place of the red logo, but it was quite small. Also, the M9 and M9-P had the brightlines window where the new oversized screw is at.

      • LeicaLeica

        btw, that’s NOT the M9. That’s a concept image that was posted here a long time ago (in 2010.) It was an article called “Leica M9 Titanium Limited Edition concepts.”

  • Kristian Salo

    Please give us a thinner body digital M with no video and peak focus… Like M6, but digital.

  • Artem Chernov

    Will be there an upgrade option?

    • NoMeJodas

      That’s what I’m hopping.

      • jeff

        Will be taking apart my 240 to see if I can solder in a larger buffer/memory chip. I doubt they would put much effort into reworking the electronics just for the buffer so it may be very possible.

      • Jane Doe

        Did you drop your camera on your foot??

  • Michael

    Nice…. 2 gigs of ram to squeeze a couple more bucks from us. Great job leica!

  • saywhatuwill

    When the lettering gets top billing then we know they’re running out of things to boast about. That’s like Nikon’s Df with the “made in Japan” logo on the top plate.

  • B-mo

    Oversized screw and… Well done Leica…

  • Future is Now

    Looks like Leica is just following the same marketing dance steps they’ve danced since the M8.

  • MonkeySpanner

    At those prices – I will take a 6 pack of them.

    • Les

      Do you plan to live 6 lifetimes?

  • EJPB

    Well Leica, this must be a small step for a camera manufacturer, one giant leap for mankind? What a ridiculous story, just to fill another Fotokina boot. A bit of playing with the same old logo, adding some overpriced glass and an increased buffer that allows now 24 pictures at 3fps…? For those that believe that Leica is still cutting edge this must be the final prove they have just changed into a fashion company selling far too expensive camera nonsens for some happy few. Poor Germans… where are the times companies like Leica really showed the way to the market. Unfortunately, others in the far east have better understood what the people really wanted. Maybe time to partner up with a credible partner that really can add value technology.

    • Michael Stur

      But Leica has been playing this game for 100 years !
      There were ALWAYS special editions at higher prices. They are just keeping a money-winning strategy.
      And nobody has to buy this editions…

  • TechUser2011

    What is everyone’s opinion of the body compared to the M9-P? I like the look with the bright-lines window above the lens.

    • BM

      I prefer the bright line window. It’s just a traditional thing for me. Although the LED bright lines in the M are way nicer.

  • BM

    It’s a Leica. You already know it’s going to be expensive. Why are you people always so outraged when Leica puts out an expensive product?

    Just ignore it if you don’t like it or can’t afford it. And if you hate Leica so much why are you here?

    • SiO

      People like to moan. It’s easy enough for them to pop out and buy a used M8 or a Sony A7s but they like to moan 😉

    • CKDexterHaven

      It’s not a binary situation. Real people with real minds don’t necessarily have to fit the Pro-Leica / Anti-Leica tag. Can’t you imagine that there are Leica users who aren’t sheep and don’t profess blind loyalty for every ridiculous move the company makes?

      This isn’t just about it being “expensive.” It’s about the scam.

      Am I wrong, or hasn’t Leica been using this LCD material previously? So, why wasn’t it already on this camera? So they can charge suckers for the ‘updated’ model that was really just a regression?

      • Nate

        Leica is a for profit company, why are people feeling “scammed”? lol.

  • carlomastrantonio

    MP: P for Professional, so 2 GB the frame selector and piece of glass make this camera a professional equipment instead of M240 😀 It is so funny, I’d like to know what Leica means about “professional”; Leica guru have to shoot some photos in hard situation instead, I suppose, play golf, see selling chart, play on leica store monopoly etc.

    • Les

      I thought the “P” originally stood for “Press,” because they had motor-drive capabilities and more frame lines.
      Realistically, the “P” just denotes a small evolution, which this is.

    • scott

      P means “mid-life refresh” for the digital cameras. The M8.2 was the P equivalent, it has a black dot and harden screen. M9-P has no dot and a sapphire screen. Now the M240-P has the same feature, plus a bigger buffer. If the pattern holds, we will see a new M in a year’s time.

  • NoMeJodas

    Un sueño se haga realidad

  • NoMeJodas

    Bringing the frameline selector back is nice. I have no idea why they removed it from the M240 in the first place. I hope the front button (the focus button?) has been improved too. The one in the M240 is maybe the worst part of the whole camera from a usability point of view. Now please announce the upgrade kit for the M240.

  • JJ.H

    That is one hell of a screw

    • The screw was smaller in the previous MP version.

  • Charles

    someone asked if there is going to be an upgrade deal. I asked about that, and was offered $4000 as a trade in for my M240 purchased less than 3 months ago. So, they wanted me to take a $3000 loss on a brand new camera in perfect condition, plus pay the extra money that this new one costs. Its not just a bad deal, its insulting.

    • Nate

      Through Leica store? who did you ask?

    • Assaad Mitri

      same thing happened to me thru B&H 🙂 really insulting

  • Mythe

    I have already use it and its great 🙂 Its much, much faster then M… This 2 GB does a job 🙂

  • Georgi_Anastasov

    Screw that:)

  • Clint

    I would rather see a black Leica logo on the front instead of that big, black screw.

    • Tony Le Kim Thuan

      I agree with Clint. Leica designed big black screw; but the end user like me, I like black Leica logo on front, look better. My wife wants to purchase for awarding me a pair of Leica M-P (silver) and M-P (black) type 240 and will ask Leica engrave my name on the top plaque of two for memory my birthday; but when she see big black screw in front, she doesn’t like it. I wish my wife will change her mind. I also hope Leica think about what end user wants. I currently owned M240 with 3 M lenses and accessories. I will let my wife use it as soon as I have two new M-P and send it to Leica New Jersey to ask for engrave my name as my wife like it and we, both are novice amateur photographers (

  • PGi

    Must be the most handsome digital camer ever made!

  • bosnate

    I love the M240 but I really love the black nav wheel on the M-P240. Damn, wish we could send it in to be retrofitted.

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