Leica M-A film rangefinder camera announced

Leica-M-A-film-rangefinder-camera-black  Leica-M-A-film-camera-silver
Leica announced the M-A - a new film rangefinder camera (see pre-orders options at B&H and Leica Store Miami):


With the Leica M-System, Leica Camera AG, Wetzlar, is one of the few manufacturers still producing both analogue and digital cameras. In this, the company can draw from decades of experience in the construction of the finest precision-engineered cameras. Now – 60 years after the first Leica M rangefinder camera, the M3, left the factory to significantly change the world of photography – we have chosen the occasion of this anniversary to present a new analogue model: the Leica M-A.

As a purely mechanical rangefinder camera, the Leica M-A stands for a return to photography in its most original form. Without reliance on a monitor, exposure metering or batteries, photographers can explore entirely new creative horizons. Because, with a camera reduced to only essential camera functions, users of the M-A can now concentrate entirely on the essential parameters of subject composition – namely focal length, aperture and shutter speed – and on capturing the decisive moment.

From its shutter-speed dial and the aperture ring on the lens to the characteristic rangefinder focusing principle – the technical specifications of the Leica M-A are essentially based on the currently available analogue Leica MP. All of its precision-engineered components and functions are designed and constructed for absolute robustness and a long working life, and are housed in a painstakingly hand-built metal body. This ensures that the Leica M-A, as a product with particularly enduring value, brushes aside every challenge with absolute dependability.

The visible elements of the Leica M-A are as timeless as the precision-engineered principles employed inside it. For example, the Leica red dot was omitted to emphasise the classical simplicity of its design. Seen from the side, the Leica M-A is significantly slimmer than its digital counterparts.

The camera can be supplied in a choice of two different finishes: the classic appearance of the silver chrome version carries forward the traditions of 60 years of Leica M design. In the black chrome alternative, the M-A is reminiscent of the style of the M Monochrom and sets new standards in unobtrusiveness and discretion. While the silver chrome version of the M-A displays its origins in the engraving on its top plate, only much closer scrutiny of its completely matt black counterpart reveals the discreetly engraved Leica script on its accessory shoe.

Each Leica M-A is supplied complete with Kodak Tri-X 400 black-and-white film, which is also celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. Since its appearance on the market in 1954, its unmistakeable look, exceptional sharpness and tonal gradation, extremely broad exposure latitude and very good shadow detail made this black-and-white film a firm favourite and the classic medium for art and reportage photography.

The Leica M-A will be available from authorised Leica dealers starting October 2014.

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  • Kingpin

    The difference between this and the MP is that the MP has a light meter, the MA does not.

    Source: http://leicastoremiami.com/collections/photokina/products/leica-m-a-black-chrome-finish

  • Carlos

    need to learn metering with the eye 😉 again…

  • Clint

    I’m all for being ‘minimalistic’…but no light meter…really??? Come on it’s 2014, how does a light meter ‘ruin the purity’ of photography. Then there’s the 1/1000 sec shutter speed limitation….
    Beautiful looking camera though!

  • F3point5

    Is the meterless, 500 piece limited edition, MP Classic such a hot item among collectors that Leica hopes to sell more by rebranding the model as the M-A?

  • Ironymous

    “MP without the lightmeter” would basically make it an M3, no? I’d rather Leica pursue a line of basic but lighter & more compact M beginner film cameras, in the manner of the M4-P. Perhaps using the X Vario body shell. That would be nice. Sell it for $3500 and I bet there would still be takers.

    • Kodachromeguy

      An M body without a meter could be the M3, M2, or M1 (rather rare). Even the M4 would fit this category, although it had a slightly different body with a sloping rewind crank.

  • Ariel Castro

    Finally, a purist camera by Leica..

  • Eriction

    Time to reintroduce the Leicameter then?

  • Joey

    If Leica was really clever they would have also launched in parallel a cool analogue retra designed Leica light meter to go along with it that you could wear on a groovy leather strap around your neck.

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