The new Leica SF26 flash is compatible with all current Leica system cameras *UPDATED*

Leica SF26 flash on Leica T
Leica SF26 flash Leica-SF26
I somehow missed the new SF26 flash announcement few months ago (it was announced together with the Leica T camera). The SF26 is compatible with all current Leica system cameras, including the latest M models (see the first video in this post for more info). The SF26 also has a built-in LED light for video recording and can be tilted for bounce flash. Leica did not provide any technical information for the new flash. The Leica SF26 is currently available for pre-order at:

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  • NoMeJodas

    It looks identical to the new mecablitz 26 AF-1 from Metz (there you can find technical details):

    The Leica SF 24d has been removed from Leica’s website. I guess this one is considered an upgrade to it.

    I also expect a new firmware upgrade for all Leica cameras to enable this new flash unit as it was mentioned in the video that it is compatible with all Leica models and that flash exposure compensation is set inside the camera.

    • Simon

      I can still see the SF 24D listed here.

      I guess they have a lot to update!

      • NoMeJodas

        You are right. I didn’t see it in the technical data section under Downloads, but maybe it was never listed there. Thanks for the correction!

    • also this flash was announced alongside the Leica T at launch.

    • OnePhotog

      I was told by the guy at my Leica store that, the SF26D would include Automatic and Manual mode. That might not be possible if they keep such a simplistic menu design.

  • Christoph

    I’ve seen it at the Photokina in person and was at first a bit worried about my SF24 becoming obsolete.

    eased my mind was the back of the SF26. The unit seems to only have 3
    buttons… I guess you won’t be able to control it (or set ISO)

  • MB

    It is a Metz design, and it is very clever one …

  • OnePhotog

    When I spoke to the guy at my local leica store, they said that the SF26D flash would have Automatic and manual control. I’m very curious to know if he is lying or if it’ll have a better menu system… …

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