Rumors: the new Leica Monochrom camera will be announced in February/March

Back in September I already reported that a Leica Monochrom replacement will be launched after Photokina. The latest rumors I received indicate that the new Monochrom will look similar to the M-P version but without any letters on the top plate. The camera will have a new 24 MP CMOS sensor. Shipment will start few months after the official announcement. Stay tuned for more details. If you have any inside information on the new Monochrom, you can contact me anonymously here.

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  • TechUser2011

    If it’s based on the current Leica M-P body, will the new Monochrom also have a huge bolt screw on the front?

    • Also the current model has a bolt screw on the front. Actually you can find one behind every red dot logo: it’s need when you need to calibrate the rangefinder.

      I hope to see more news soon.
      The M240/m-p bodies are half a cm thicker than the M9/MM bodies. And lighter.

      • hansdriscol

        The bodies of m240/m-p are definitely heavier, not lighter

        • You’re right, that’s what I wanted to write. 🙂 Damned multitasking, this time I failed.

      • Jeff

        The M240 is only 1mm thicker; the other 4mm can be attributed to the protruding thumb rest. Most of the weight difference is due to the larger and heavier, but better performing, battery.

  • Albert Macfarlane

    Is this confirmation from Solms that the M-9 based monochrom also suffers from sensor separation problems ? Value of used M-9 based monochroms should plummet.

    • Daryl

      Leica has said they will replace sensors with issues, however if M9M does plummet in value I’d certainly want to purchase it.
      The camera is unique and worthwhile despite issues.

      • Albert Macfarlane

        Hi Daryl. In my country Leica has said they will replace sensors for M9 cameras registered by the original purchaser. No word on whether used cameras are covered.

        • Daryl

          Hi Albert,
          My understanding is the camera is covered regardless of ownership. Leica doesn’t normally transfer warranty here, so this could be the case. I believe the information would be forthcoming from Germany and it would be necessary to send it there. With all the controversy and forum chatter I would be surprised if a strict policy on ownership wouldn’t stir the pot amongst the forums and owners again.

  • Neopulse

    Guess CCD is in the past now.

    • J Glen Weaver

      Do you think the CCD sensor does a better job at replicating film than a CMOS sensor would (on a MM 230)?

      • Neopulse

        I don’t think I could answer that properly since CCD is digital and film is a different medium and even then in film there are different kinds of film that help give that particular look the photographer searches for. The ease with photo editing is that you can try to replicate that “look” you get some certain film that a person likes to use. But then again, there are characteristics that film gives that (to me) digital can’t replicate. Like the subtle film grain or the way the edges of subjects are rendered. It’s weird to explain I know.
        But from what I have read from people who have used CCD, they have compared it very much to medium format film in the reproduction of colors and tones (better than CMOS) which later one can edit or retouch to make it look like a certain MF film that the photographer used to use.
        Film has it’s particular charm that can’t compare to digital. But when it comes to workflow and costs, it makes it difficult to not go for digital.

  • MOZ

    I would wish for a 50 iso based sensor for a perfect MM !

  • Le Cochon

    Of course the inventory is not moving. Leica is evidently asleep with the overdue M that is not a size of a whole cow and is priced for photographers, not celebrities.

  • I’m not looking for more mp. Would be nice if the whites had better tonality and cleaner blacks on a new MM.

    Leica MM

    Leica MM

    Leica MM

    If your after the film look you need to dummy down the MM image, not make it sharper. Film is equivalent to flatbed scanned 3 or 4 mp PS quality.

    Leica MM

    But the pixel peepers never get enuf res…do they.

    What needs to be down in the rangefinder field is for the Japanese to come out with an affordable digital Leica knockoff. While I have many Leica’s, the price is prohibitive for using them for dangerous work where I can lose a cam. Consequently I use Fuji more than my Leicas. Fuji’s are disposable.

    I routinely ruin my cams on some shoots.

    Fuji X-E1

    If the old MM drops down to a few thousand $, then they look more interesting for a disposable cam.

  • Kevin

    Any suggestions that it will also have the saphire screen as per the m-p ? I like to treat my cameras mean 🙂

  • Kevin

    Any suggestions that it will also have the saphire screen as per the m-p ? I like to treat my cameras mean 🙂

  • asiafish

    The original Monochrom will likely have cult status long after the replacement for the replacement has been replaced with yet another replacement.

    There is magic in that bayer-less CCD and I intend to hold onto mine as long as the sensor works (or can be made by Leica to work) and there are working batteries and compatible software available.

    Even after two years of ownership, I’m not even remotely tired of what the original MM can do.

    • I have to agree, the Monochrom is also my favorite camera in the current lineup.

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