Leica C, M Kumamon limited edition cameras announced in Japan

Leica M Kumamon limited edition camera Leica C Kumamon limited edition camera
Two new Kumamon limited edition versions of the Leica M and Leica C cameras were announced in Japan. 50 pieces of the C model will be produced and only one of the M model. More information available at DC.Watch.

From Wikipedia: "Kumamon is a mascot created by the government of Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. He was first created in 2010 for a campaign called to draw tourists to the region."

See also Kumamon at Leitz Park.

Additional pictures:

Leica M Kumamon limited edition
Leica C Kumamon limited edition camera 2

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  • HM Eye

    Why Leica , Why ?????

  • 3foot1

    More red dots. Jony Ive wishes he’d thought of it first.

  • Bo Dez

    Ugh, that is hideous. Do they not see that despite the 50 or so people that will buy this, the rest of the users start to think the brand sucks? Well, thank god, this spells the end of the M-240 and hopefully the start, soon, for the M-260.

    Mind you, I don’t know why I should feel excited, it’s probably going to be the same camera, with the same or worse IQ, with some stupid new features for an extra thousand pound. Or, they will sell it at the “same price” and remove the rangefinder and EVF altogether and make it an “optional extra” for a mere additional £2000. at that point the M240 will rot from the inside too.

  • waitingforlenses

    • waitingforlenses

      I guess they should just go ahead and arrest everybody who buys this…

  • John Griffith

    Leica is not selling well so they are playing the fashion status card to try and keep revenue coming in. It’s like putting an ugly girl in a pretty dress and trying to make you believe she’s pretty, only worse, they are using an ugly dress!

    What ever happened to just good engineering? What happened to high quality best in class components skillfully assembled to high standards?

    Instead we see hand polished or limited edition crap with dated technology, cheapest and lowest level performing components dressed up in nice cases at outrageous prices. PT Barnum had a phrase for this.

  • Simon

    Yes I don’t understand defacing an M-240 like that, but this is for the Japanese market. I can’t profess to understand Japanese culture, they have what I’d call some pretty weird taste and sense of fashion. This is really another Hello Kitty camera all over again. Leica have done it before and they’ll do it again!

    But look at the bright side, there’s only one M-240 like that and whoever buys it will probably like it.

    The thing with Leica is the M design is so classic and “perfect” that they ant just go changing it every year. Playing with the finishing, materials and paint job is all they can do and frankly I prefer this. When they get the core design right I’d prefer they stick with it and not be as fickle as other brands. I don’t expect the next M will change too much from 240 and it doesn’t need to. They’ll probably just update the sensor and maybe tweak a couple of other things kind of like M8 to M9 but it won’t be as big a change as we saw going from M9 to M240.

    And hey, cameras like this give us a reason to visit this forum to laugh, cry, groan, complain etc.

    • I’m Japanese, and I can’t profess to understand Japanese culture. I’ll hold out for the Anapaman edition.

  • D800GUY

    Leica has given up, with so much limited editions, what’s so special anymore?

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