Large batch of used Leica cameras and lenses now available at the Leica Store in San Francisco

Used-Leica-gear Used-Leica-gear-3
Used-Leica-gear-2 Used-Leica-gear-4
The Leica Store in San Francisco uploaded close to 200 used Leica items to their online store, including two Hermes MP sets, a M7 Titanium set, many Leica M lenses, and few rare Leica R lenses. The full list of available used Leica gear is available here (PDF file). Additional information on used gear at the Leica Store San Francisco can be found here.

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  • Daryl

    Curious as to the source, perhaps a collector?

    • Ashwin

      I suspect a collector or estate

  • J Glen Weaver

    A few most ago, I bought an M Monochrome and a few lenses leica certified used and Sean (the SF store mgr) gave me the cheapest price of any leica dealer. He’s honest and represents the leica brand well.

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