The silver Zeiss 35mm f/1.4 Distagon T* ZM lens now in stock


The silver Zeiss 35mm f/1.4 Distagon T* ZM lens for Leica M mount is currently in stock at B&H and PopFlash (also in their eBay store). The back version is marked as "coming soon". Additional information on that lens is available here.

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  • Simon

    I wish Zeiss would make an M 240 competitor instead of making new M glass. Everyone knows Zeiss glass is a poor man’s Leica and I can’t see that many people who shell out for an M body buying Zeiss glass. Seems the wrong way round if you ask me. A Zeiss body with Leica glass on the other hand could be something!

    • MJr

      But they sell like hot cakes, so i guess you’re wrong. Are you suggesting they make digital cameras, or even more insane, stop making lenses because Leica already does that? You kidding me?

      A. Zeiss glass is awesome. It’s got nothing to do with poor, the difference is only a matter of artificial market value. Where Zeiss is often of equal or even better quality than Leica, sometimes not. Both have their purpose.
      B. The Leica M is the only actual digital rangefinder.
      C. While i would welcome it, Zeiss has NO experience with digital cameras. It’s not as simple as putting in a sensor.

      • Haoyang Zhao

        True on the last part. I would very much prefer the way Zeiss is doing now: providing ZM and FE solutions, or even Canon and Nikon mounts, and users can pick whatever platform they like.

      • Neopulse

        I prefer they stick to making lenses, they’re doing well and made money off of me plenty already.

    • tjholowaychuk

      The 240 sensor is not great at all these days anyway, this lens does just fine on it. Hell the Leica glass I have isn’t even that great really, I love the build quality don’t get me wrong but it’s nothing that incredible, especially if you’re comparing to the Otus, which is much larger of course but blows all Leica glass I’ve seen out of the water.

  • David V. Kutaliya

    ZEISS lenses are GREAT! No doubt!

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