Gariz released new alcantara half case for the Leica D-LUX camera

Gariz released new alcantara half case for the Leica D-LUX camera (model: AT-DLUX). Two different colors are available - black ($109.99) and red ($114.99):

Gariz-alcantara-AT-DLUX-half-case-for-Leica-D-LUX-camera-black-4 Gariz-alcantara-AT-DLUX-half-case-for-Leica-D-LUX-camera-red-2
Gariz-alcantara-AT-DLUX-half-case-for-Leica-D-LUX-camera-black-5 Gariz-alcantara-AT-DLUX-half-case-for-Leica-D-LUX-camera-red-5
Gariz-alcantara-AT-DLUX-half-case-for-Leica-D-LUX-camera-black-2 Gariz-alcantara-AT-DLUX-half-case-for-Leica-D-LUX-camera-red-3
Gariz-alcantara-AT-DLUX-half-case-for-Leica-D-LUX-camera-black Gariz-alcantara-AT-DLUX-half-case-for-Leica-D-LUX-camera-red-4
Gariz-alcantara-AT-DLUX-half-case-for-Leica-D-LUX-camera-black-3 Gariz-alcantara-AT-DLUX-half-case-for-Leica-D-LUX-camera-red

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  • 3foot1

    Though it seems like overkill, the red case is eye-catching.

  • FountainHead

    “Look! An overpriced P&S!”
    “Look! An overpriced P&S with fur!”

  • fjfjjj

    I haven’t used my D-Lux in a long time. Actually, hardly ever. Buying this case will be a nice way for me to have more contact with the camera. But I’ll need to buy a second D-Lux so I can use both cases.

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