Leica M-P Typ 240 “Leica Store Hong Kong 5th Anniversary Edition” set with Leica Noctilux-M ASPH 50mm f/0.95 lens announced

Leica M-P Hong Kong 5th Anniversary Edition 11
Leica M-P Hong Kong 5th Anniversary Edition 5
Leica M-P Hong Kong 5th Anniversary Edition 3
A new Leica M-P Typ 240 limited edition set with the Leica Noctilux-M ASPH 50mm f/0.95 lens was announced in Hong Kong - only 30 sets will be produced at a suggested retail price of HK$ 158,000 (around US$ 20,000):

Leica M-P Typ 240 “Leica Store Hong Kong 5th Anniversary Edition” set with Leica Noctilux-M ASPH 50mm f/0.95 lens

Leica Camera AG (Leica Camera AG Wetzlar) is set to celebrate the 5th anniversary opening of the Hong Kong Leica Store with the launch of LEICA M-P “Leica Store Hong Kong 5th Anniversary Edition”. The set includes an Aztec beige leather-wrapped camera body and Leica Noctilux-M 50mm f / 0.95 ASPH. lens. The body and lens text are carved with an all-white design, giving the body and the lens barrel a more simple design for this special edition. This Special Edition is limited to only 30 units for entire global market, and sold only in Hong Kong, suggested retail price: HK $ 158,000.-

The Leica Store in Hong Kong opened May 27, 2010 at ifc Mall and Times Square. The opened of these first two stores in Hong Kong represents the opening of a historical new page for the brand. Subsequently, two other stores in Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui and at the Hong Kong International Airport, Terminal 1, has been expanding business operations. Soon after the entrance into the Greater China region began, opening stores in mainland China, Taiwan, Macau and around, achieving new milestones towards new business. The Leica Stores in China opened in Beijing China World Shopping Mall, Beijing Seasons Place Centre, and Oriental Plaza Mall, as well as in Shanghai and Shenzhen’s MIXC Mall. In Taiwan, the Leica Store opened in Bellavita, and a new store just opened in Macau, located at Galaxy Macau Resort.

Underlining Leica’s determination to grow the brand in Great China Area, each store offers visitors a unique opportunity to discover all they need to know about high-end photography under one roof. This ensures that public photographers and photography enthusiasts have a more comprehensive and guaranteed channel for experiencing and buy genuine, world-renowned Leica cameras, lenses, accessories and a variety of sports optics products.
To celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Leica Store Hong Kong’s opening, Leica Camera AG would like to mark this special occasion with the launch of this LEICA M-P “Leica Store Hong Kong 5th Anniversary Edition”.

With the LEICA M-P “Leica Store Hong Kong 5th Anniversary Edition” set, color design is its focus point. The silver chrome body with quality Aztec beige leather, together with the matching leather strap and camera half case. Unlike ordinary Leica M-P (Typ 240), the iconic engraving "Leica Camera AG" and "Wetzlar Germany” at the top of the camera body, and the scale on the lens, both are in white design. The lens and body’s red dot features an extremely rare white design, so this special edition has unique, simple, and elegant exterior design.

In all other technical details, the camera and lens of the special edition are identical to those of the standard versions. Leica M-P has of all the technological advantages of a digital Leica rangefinder camera system - lasting durability, prestige, and high quality production. Leica Noctilux-M 50mm f / 0.95 ASPH. lens boasts excellent clarity, high contrast at each aperture, and focus settings, achieving excellent imagery. Although the lens has the fantastic large aperture, the optical imaging at each setting is very good, the effect is amazing. With this classic full-frame standard focal length lens, this section of the Leica M camera attains the highest quality standards in the hearts of photographers and gives example to a century’s of experience in optical manufacturing from Leica.
LEICA M-P “Leica Store Hong Kong 5th Anniversary Edition” is now on sale in Hong Kong Leica Stores with a worldwide issue 30 sets at a suggested retail price of HK $ 158,000.-.

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  • Bo Dez

    Sure, it’s pretty, but Leica need to act quickly. Canon, Sony, Nikon all have IQ monsters and Leica is seemingly asleep with their flagship. I’ve never been so close to getting rid of Leica gear because the gear of tomorrow has arrived at a fraction of the cost with other brands.

    • Les


      What other brand is selling a high-quality rangefinder camera?

      I know that other brands have better specs in their brochures, and much more frequent updates (which make existing cameras nearly worthless), but some of us perform better with a good rangefinder camera. In the end, this leads to better pictures, and isn’t that what most people want?

      • Bo Dez

        Hi Les,

        For a casual user, I totally agree. When you make a living from photography, unfortunately, it changes. Budget in the photographic industries is fast disappearing, even with the clients who had it. Keeping up with the competition is becoming increasingly difficult when the best equivalent lenses for Leica are around £4K.

        While I love rangefinder focussing, a rangefinder does not make the photo and a 24mp camera does not keep up with my competition. I can sell a 3 lens Leica kit and be fully outfitted with a Canon 5Ds R and seven lenses, including the Otus’s which greatly exceeds what my M can do, and I don’t see anything changing with the M anytime soon. It can also shoot usable motion, which sadly is a necessity these days in the industry.

        The Q is an encouraging taste of things to come but Leica wants you to buy the S for high Res so I believe the M will stay will were it is at around 24mp. I would love to be wrong, of corse and I hold out hope for a high res M, but otherwise, it seems, for me, this is were the love affair ends.

        • Les


          It’s different if you are responding to a specific client request. I found that the M is not any less sharp than the D800/810 in the real world, but clients pay the bills.
          I would certainly hate to carry a seven lens Canon kit around when a three lens Leica kit will do!

          • Bo Dez


            I didn’t move to the Nikon 810 because I thought the M was close enough. But taking a look at the Canon (see the shot just posted on Digilloyd) I think it really changes it, it is nothing short of incredible. as for lenses, I was mostly making a point about price difference but still, I could do with the other 3 or 4 but at an additional £10K it’s a bit silly when the body most likely is not going to change in res anyway.

    • MrSiO

      The new M240 and M246 are pretty amazing cameras really. Imagine what HCB could do with one of these new M’s! Then again he could pick up an ‘outdated’ X1 and produce amazing shots.

      The Leica M’s stumbled into the digital market in 2006 and are improving vastly with each model. They don’t really need to be apart of the rat race.

  • MJr

    This makes the Leica M 100 Years Set look cheap !
    And they even forgot to pain the labeling on the Noctilux. 😉

    Looks very nice though. But the leather could use a bit more of a darker tan if it were me. ^.^

  • Out of my price range, but for a special edition kit it’s not priced badly considering a regular the Noctilux is almost half the kit price.

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