Leica Q reviews from all around the Web

I put together a list of 25 Leica Q camera reviews, but of course you should start with our own hands-on first (update: I continued to add more Leica Q Typ 116 reviews to this post):

  1. Ming Thein
  2. Jonathan Slack
  3. Kristian Dowling (part 2)
  4. Jay Cassario
  5. Brian Hirschfeld
  6. Walkingphotographer
  7. Camerawest
  8. Reddotforum
  9. Dpreview (hands-on)
  10. The Verge
  11. Mirrorlessons
  12. Luminous-landscape
  13. Soundimageplus
  14. Henry's Note
  15. Emily Loke
  16. Macfilos
  17. Cnet
  18. Digitalversus
  19. Bloomberg
  20. Gizmodo
  21. Techradar
  22. Focus-numerique (translation)
  23. 500px
  24. Laptopmemo
  25. Mbelloni
  26. Overgaard
  27. Nepal with the Leica Q
  28. Drawwithlight
  29. PCmag
  30. dpreview forum
  31. Coolhunting
  32. Visualapparel
  33. Samstroudphoto
  34. Pocket-lint
  35. Fotoblogia
  36. USAtoday
  37. Nicole Struppert
  38. Fotodesign-rs
  39. Gearpatrol
  40. Alex Cornell
  41. Adam Riley
  42. Minimallyminimal
  43. Marcosartoriphoto
  44. Neunzehn72 (in German)
  45. Leicaliker

Leica Q reviews, hands-on and unboxing videos:

The Leica Q is still not available in stores (see pre-order options).

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  • Is there a TLDR version?

    • Fountainhead

      “If a 28mm prime suits you but the Ricoh GR doesn’t suit you, and you’ve got $4250 to spend on it, you won’t be disappointed.”

      “If you’re already an M user and looking at buying the 28mm Cron, consider spending an extra few hundred and buying this instead.”

      • Thanks. But one Q: I thought it had the Lux, not Cron. Am I wrong?

        • MJr

          Seriously Alan, make a LITTLE effort.

  • tjholowaychuk

    That EVF though… haha, wonder when they’ll be more tightly integrated with the bodies instead of looking like a hot mess

  • Enjoyed a rainy Sunday morning by reading ALL the reviews. I have to admit to wanting this. Temped, temped!

  • SomeoneNotImportant

    Yes. It really is a great camera.
    All these “reviews” by (probably well known) “Bloggers” who make their money with ad banners are very cute BUT
    Please, Leica, give a Q to Peter Lindbergh, Paolo Roversi, Bruce Weber, Patrick Demarchelier or Iain McKell…
    I wanna see what they do with this…

    • Jay Cassario

      I make my living off of my photography, not blogging. Hopefully you can appreciate the review I wrote.

      • SomeoneNotImportant

        All good Jay.
        Very nice, Sir!

    • slicerx

      Ming Thein. Just stop there. You just need to see what he does and read what he says.

      • SomeoneNotImportant

        That is all nice and neat.
        Still…i wanna see sth done by the likes of Lindbergh, maybe Meisel , Jeff Burton or David Sims…

  • James Donahue

    After reading all these reviews and watching all the Vids, I have come to the conclusion that “I WANT ONE.”

  • Other than the first video, those videos are awful. Praise for those two Leica executives for putting up with that “interview”. Really have to wonder how all these people manage to get cameras to review.

  • WingedEel

    Sean Reid has an in-depth review. He’s had a Q since December

    It’s early days but do people think the images from the Q look as good as an M with a 28mm lens?

    • fjfjjj

      If you can’t tell on your own, shoot with a Panasonic. 😉

      • WingedEel

        Of course I have an opinion. I was interested in other people’s opinions.

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