Leica S-E medium format camera is now $5,995 (and other S deals)

Leica S Typ 006 with 70mm CS lens setLeica S-E Typ 006 with 70mm CS lens set
The Leica S Typ 006 promotional bundles got even better at the Leica Store Miami - the savings are now over $10,000 compared to when they were introduced few weeks ago:

 There are also huge price drops on Leica S camera:

The Leica S prices at B&H are higher.

The new Leica S (Typ 007) camera is now scheduled to start shipping at the beginning of November 2015.

Update: shortly after my blog post, Leica Camera US pull the plug on all of those deals.

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  • Les

    I wonder if the new crop of 50mp SLRs has caused Leica to redesign the S replacement. It’s been delayed by most of a year now, and 37mp may no longer be “good enough” for those who buy based on specs. It’s good enough if you intend to use the camera.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the production “S typ 007” had a 50+ mp sensor.

    • I will not be surprised if they cancel this model all together.

      • Keith

        Cancel which model? The entire S line?

        • Les

          I hope not. This new pricing strategy is exactly what the S line needs. It’s now a reasonable alternative to a D4s or 1Dx for professionals and advanced amateurs who value quality over speed.

          • I agree. It’s a superior system to anything I know of to date. The lenses are amazing. Having said that, I would get much more use out of the M and T cameras than the S.

          • FountainHead

            The Leica S and Nikon D4s are poles apart. Yes, a pro can use either to take an outstanding image. But the typical use cases for each are different as night and day.

            The competition here is the Pentax 645Z.

          • Les

            They are not so far apart. Both are around the same size, and now around the same price. Both appeal to photographers doing location work in all kinds of conditions. Obviously the “pro” 35mm cameras sell to sports shooters, which the Leica wouldn’t, but they also sell to all kinds of photographers who appreciate their weather sealing and battery capacity.

            I like the Pentax, but it’s twice as big as it needs to be, and the lens line is incomplete (especially if you don’t want to roll the dice with old used/discontinued lenses). Pentax isn’t known for their pro support outside of Japan, which will be a factor for many working professionals.

          • Neopulse

            Nah, Pentax is in it’s own category and even then I’d choose the Leica S over the Pentax. You have more lenses with or without LS to save on money, it also has a rugged weathersealed body and lenses, great CCD sensor, has great post-processing partnership with Adobe including tethering with it something Pentax doesn’t have (yet) and the 1/1000 sync speed is great for action shots while trying to conserve battery power.

          • FountainHead

            You might choose the Leica over the Pentax. Me too. No probs.

            But to call the Leica S (37 MP, 1.5 fps, longest OEM prime 180mm) a competitor to D4s (16 MP, 10+ fps, OEM lenses out to 800mm) seems odd.

          • Neopulse

            I didn’t mention the Nikon D4s though. Just the Pentax. But also even then it’s different from one another their uses.

        • just the new model, I don’t think they will kill the entire line

          • Appears the market for this camera is near saturation. Perhaps more leaf shutter lenses can revive it a bit. The other strategy would be cheaper bodies in an attempt to make up the difference in lens sales.

      • Daryl

        Hey Admin,
        Is this an informed statement, educated guess or speculation? I wouldn’t be surprised also, and am hoping this is not like the demise of the Contax 645, a great camera with many great features that came to a sudden halt.

  • Haoyang Zhao

    I’ve not paid much attention to the Leica S line before. Any good sites/reviews/articles so that I can get to know a bit more about these products?

  • Even with a return ticket to Miami from Tokyo, hotel, and a McDonald’s-free budget, these are budget prices that would pay for themselves many times over.

  • Keith

    The prices on the S have gone considerably back up. Was this a mistake on the website?

    • I am to sure what is going on. Those were the prices when I published the post and I doubt that was a mistake. I will contact them and ask what is going on.

      • Neopulse

        I did see the prices though and were legit when Admin posted them.

        • Ok, the info I am getting is that Leica pulled those discounts after I published them online. Did anyone got lucky and get the deal? I think those were pretty good prices for a Leica S camera.

          • Neopulse

            I wish, chances are again it will happen if they happened in the middle of the year at such an amazing price. Need to rethink what to sell to reach that price mark again. Because chance are they might do it again and possibly with a discount on a lens when you buy the body alone.

          • Justin

            Got the deal on an S set at Leica Store SF last week. They indicated they had sold 4 sets prior to mine.

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