New camera system from Leica rumored to be announced before the end of the year

Leica is rumored to announce a completely new camera system by the end of the year (most likely in September). The details are still sketchy, here are some of the tips I received:

  • Full fame camera with autofocus
  • New line of AF lenses
  • Very good high ISO performance - probably the best in the industry
  • Will be available in stores before Christmas

This could be a new M camera with AF, EVF and ability of using manual focus M lenses - something based on the current Q and M cameras.

Very interesting development... stay tuned for additional information.

If you have any details on the new system, you can contact me anonymously here.

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  • I predict a interchangeable lens version of the Q with Q-mount autofocus lenses.

    • Most likely, but if they can really make it work with manual focus M lenses it will be very interesting.

      • That will be with the $399 M to Q Adapter.

        • Andrew Gemmell


  • An entirely new SYSTEM?

    Was the Leica Q analogous with Fuji’s X100 for the X family? i.e the first in an entire Q-family?

    But what makes a Leica a Leica? Many Leica enthusiasts so far think the Q is close enough to Leica pedigree. Hm, presumably backwards compatible with M lenses, but all the other Leica systems so far are little brothers to the “proper” big brother M.

    • The Q isn’t anything like the X. The X is unique for one reason: OVF/EVF hybrid. Everything else, including the amazing Q, is basically the same sort of EVF-toting high-end digital camera that has been built since the early 2000s.

  • Is this gonna be another abandonware like Leica T?

  • I don’t care about Q lenses. Give me AF M lenses.

  • Lee

    If it’s true, it’s the smartest thing Leica has done in probably 15 years.

    IF they add AF to the existing M lenses (and yes, for the purists who insist that it would be blasphemy to have AF available while walking around Brughes pulling their faux-aged Lenny Kravitz Leica out of their calfskin shoulder bag to take pictures of old men’s wrinkled faces, that feature could be omited from the flagship camera and only available on the new one real photographers buy).

    If they’re going to try to support a new / separate system, they’re dead. One system or the other (hint: it’s the M system) will go the way of the R system.

    • johnny

      It won’t be AF M, because this will dramatically increase the lens size and hence blocking the RF view path. It got to be a new camera line with adaptability of M.

      • storpotaten

        First off, there’s nothing saying it will be a rangefinder.

        Second, the focusing helical could be built into the body, allowing for autofocus with existing M lenses.

        • johnny

          I’m saying M will stay what it is. Nothing will be changed. Adding AF to M lens is almost impossible, if you consider RF compatibility. There is no gear on existing M lenses so they can only be driven by bare hands.

          • the

            Maybe they can support a standalone module for M AF adaptor. LOL.

          • storpotaten

            That does not exclude being able to autofocus them however. If you were to put a focusing mechanism IN the body, i.e. rack the lens back and forth (while set to infinity focus on the lens itself), you could indeed autofocus a Leica M (or any other manual focus) lens. Contax did something similar to this with their Contax AX model, though that one moved the entire film plane back and forth while it would suffice (and likely be simpler) to just move the lens itself. It allowed for autofocus on manual focus lenses. Contrast or phase detect sensors could be use to acquire focus.

    • Old Doc

      No one said the new Leica will be “adding AF to M lenses”” !
      This is just a wet dream…
      It will be just the option to use manual focus lenses beside AF lenses, just as with the M adapter on the Fuji X line cameras.

    • RobertB

      I really don’t get these kind of comments.

      Why is it so hard to accept some photographers don’t need AF and there is a camera which offers this. They are not purists, there way of working is just different than yours. Thats why there are different models for different kind of people and different kind of photography.

      There are a billion camera’s out there with offer AF and great sensors. So much choice. Why on earth does it has to be the only one without AF you want to change to fit your needs.

      I can only imagine its because of the status of an M. You want a M but it doesn’t fit your needs so the M has to change?

      Just buy one of the others which and go out shooting pictures,

      And about leica stopping with the M line, Do you really believe so? Leica dismissing their top seller which has an own market without any competition and a big group of users to start competing with lots of big company’s like sony and canon in an overly crowded market. Something tells me it would not be a very clever idea.

      • Lee

        I certainly accept that some photographers don’t need AF because I don’t own a single AF lens. I used adapted Leica R glass on my D750. I was making fun not of photographers who don’t need or use it but photographers who don’t understand that nearly everyone else does.

        Leica is dying. They’re getting killed. You don’t have to believe it, it’s a fact. The M240 was an antique on the day of release (though the M8 and M9 were worse). They don’t have the sales volume to finance R&D in the digital age. They need more, or they need to give up on cameras and stick to glass like Zeiss.

        Adding AF to the line would broaden their audience considerably. The “old” audience who didn’t need or want it could just turn it off like I do on my D750. Hell, the top of the line M240 successor could stay rangefinder only and omit the AF system if that’s what “purists” really wanted. It could be in the new Q-based M239 only. But having two systems of lenses to do something which could be done with one: :/

        And I wasn’t suggesting that they would “dismiss” their biggest seller. I was suggesting, again, that their “biggest” seller has a tiny volume compared to what an AF system can move, and that if they introduce a serious separate AF system their “biggest” seller will probably start to look like such a small seller as to be a money-loser. Then again they still support the S system so maybe they don’t give up that easily (but then what happened to the R system?).

        • El Aura

          I don’t think Leica could simply become Zeiss. Zeiss is large company that provides many industrial tools in the area of optics. Their lens division is only a small part of the whole company.

          Actually the S-system might be a good place for Leica to be. The whole MF market is so small that almost all MF manufacturers are small companies as well (Pentax is the exception but then Pentax as whole has been struggling for decades and has been loosing money in many of those years). As long as the MF doesn’t shrink to such low volumes that even one manufacturer can survive on it.

    • Simon

      Rumour has it Lenny “Leica” Kravitz has started posing for his next photography book! 😉

      Expect something a touch more risque than his previous effort.

  • How can I tell my wife that after the Q I want another Leica?…

    • DouglasGottlieb

      Very carefully.

    • Peter Fruehling

      Lol!!! Exactly.

    • Erick Boileau

      I’ll take the same color and say nothing

      • Erick! You, sir, are a genius.

        • Unfortunatly it would not work: she’s a journalist and photographer, and knows my gear.. :/

          • Imus

            Buy the Leica for her, then borrow it indefinitely.

      • Unfortunatly she is a photographer too, and knows my tools… :/

        • Thorsten Overgaard

          Cameras are like shoes …

          • Just a little bit more expensive! 😉

          • EnPassant

            Just do some math. Women usually have a lot more shoes than men. So for every 10 pair of extra shoes she have you can buy a camera instead of buying 10 pair of shoes (Exclusive hand made Italian shoes and boots of course!) for yourself!

          • EnPassant

            Just do some math. Women usually have a lot more shoes than men. So for every 10 pair of extra shoes she have you can buy a camera instead of buying 10 pair of shoes (Exclusive hand made Italian shoes and boots of course!) for yourself!

          • DouglasGottlieb

            manolo blahnik, in this case.

            Love your site-work-videos, btw Thorsten

          • Thorsten Overgaard

            Thanks Douglas.

          • Hm, Mr. Overgaard is probably the man to watch about a future camera.

            You didn’t come here to check on the latest footwear, did you, Thorsten? 😉

            PS. I’m trying to adjust my schedule around one of your upcoming workshops.

          • Thorsten Overgaard

            Thanks. I feel a little overworked with new cameras and lenses. The Q, M246 and 28mm Summilux is a handfull. But it’s given that something is coming to follow up on the M240. Just a matter of when and what …

        • Erick Boileau

          mine is perfect , she has an iphone and she knows that I have a black camera

        • Unfortunate.

          Wife. Knows your tools?
          Must. resist. joke. Resist. Resist. LOL!

    • Nam Quoc Dang

      So do I 🙂

    • saywhatuwill

      Just buy it and beg for forgiveness. I heard that’s how you do things in marriages.

    • Bo Dez

      If you are having to make a decision about your camera or your wife it’s time to get a reality check.

      Divorce is the only option.

      • 🙂 luckily it’s not a matter of choosing one over the other!

        Btw, she asked me a new home or at least a travel to Vietnam, then I can buy another Leica.
        This does not solve the problem (money), it simply displaces it :/

        • Bo Dez

          lol – I think there is Leica store in Vietnam. 2 Birds, one stone 😀

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    I’ve heard some gossip about a new ‘N’ system but not from anyone I’d consider reliable or in a positIon to have inside info.

  • Read the FAQ

    Leica finally enters into the 21st Century……

  • Simon

    But I thought pros could focus faster with a manual lens than with autocus, especially in complicated scenes. Now it’s all about autofocus at Leica. Go figure.

    Personally I still hate autofocus in cameras. Always will.

    • Peter Fruehling

      Exactly. Autofocus this.

      • Amen.

      • ?? Well this is not the best exemple!!
        AF does not mean that you let the camera choosing where to focus for you!!

        • Peter Fruehling

          I’m just saying with that much imagery moving in front of the subject’s face and body, it would be nearly impossible to chose a “point of focus” for the camera to use to stay on the subject and not the flowers. We would need something like a “ignore the flowers in front of my subject’s face” button for it to work. …or a manual focus ring. 😉

      • CHD

        It’s called selective AF point…even my lowly X-Pro1 could AF on that girl. I know what your saying…I love manual focus with my Leica too but let’s not overstate things.

        • Simon

          And by the time you’ve manually selected the right focus point and waited for the camera to focus the shot is gone. I still maintain that seasoned pros can do this faster, as second nature almost, with manual focussing. This has always been a part of Leica’s “the essence of M” marketing as well.

          Not saying AF is never useful and I’m sure Leica can do it better than most since it still relies on precise manufacturing but to me it just isn’t the essence of photography and it doesn’t feel right.

          I think AF too has allowed this unreasonable expectation that “every shot has to be perfect” to flourish. Of course you’re never going to get every shot when shooting manually. For most it’s very few, but that just makes it all the more special when you do with the knowledge that you did it yourself without sensor wizardry and focus motors.

          • Roelv1

            I am a seasoned pro. You really don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m very fast with a M. But still the AF of a modern camera is much faster. Why do you think almost every photojournalist is using AF?

        • Peter Fruehling

          Perhaps. …or perhaps your X-Pro1 would think you wanted the flowers in focus and you would miss the moment, like we all have, pressing your pre-shutter button again and again waiting for it to lock on to what you want. Keep in mind, she was moving all around in and through the flowers…not standing still. I was on my knees shooting through the flowers. I’m yet to find an AF system that could know what a really wanted here. To be clear, I LOVE AF in many scenarios…just not in portraiture.

          • Chad Hsieh

            Dude you obliviously have not used AF extensively on modern cameras. MF’s has it’s attraction and benefits, but the girl behind the flowers is really a bad example. Selective AF point could nail focus of the girl with ease. If she was moving around as quickly as you say she is, MF wouldn’t help too. Otherwise sport photographers would all use MF.

      • Simon

        Very nice photo.

      • Biggest issue on many modern cameras is that focus screens are set for brightness, and not contrast. Accurate and consistent manual focus is tough on many AF cameras. The rangefinder advantage is ease of focus with brightness. However, a very fine EVF with fast refresh could be a way to quickly and accurately focus manually.

        • Simon

          Very good point. I’m a huge fan of EVF focusing as it’s kind of the best of both worlds. It’s digital assistance without digital control or relinquishing all power to the AF god!

          • I think that with the introduction of the high resolution EVF in the Leica Q, we may see many more systems move to that. Earlier EVFs were just not quite that good.

      • sperdynamite

        Set a D750 single point and it’ll AF on that girls eye without any problem at all.

        • Peter Fruehling

          If her eye wasn’t moving in and out of the flowers in the foreground. She wasn’t standing still. I use AF on other gear and even with a selective point it would be tough for the camera to get this shot through the flowers. Easier with manual focus.

          • Not really. My 810 can lock focus quite easily. With contact lenses in my eyes, it’s a god-sent. Looking forward to seeing what Leica comes up with. It’ll likely be pricey, but if they get some good lenses in play at wide angle, 50mm, and some tele, I’ll switch in a jiffy.

          • the new camera is already announced – see the latest blog posts

          • Which one – 601 or 801?

    • Roelv1

      I’m an experienced pro. Docu and press. Used the M for more than twenty years. I’m fast with it. But in these days the M has become too slow. There are so many situates where AF simply is faster.Much faster! That’s the reason why not many pro’s use the M any longer, despite the glass, size, etcetera. High ISO, AF, the possibility of zooms, is what is required today. So lets welcome this new camera.

    • Simon

      On second thought, I just don’t think AF has been done “right” yet. I think I know what it’d take for me to like or at least want to try AF but I’m not sure if it’s technically feasible (yet).

      My feeling on AF is that it should be assistive to manual focussing and not a replacement as is largely the case in modern cameras. It should assume that you can focus fairly close to what you want and not go searching for focus across a large range. It should be able to rapidly (real time) micro-focus to improve your manual focussing but not interrupt the user when they want to refocus or move. Of course, ultimate control will always remain with completely manual focusing. I wonder how AF will work with super fast lenses like the Noctilux too. Rumours are we might find out soon!

      I’m not aware of such a hybrid system, but perhaps there is one.

  • Simon

    But I thought pros could focus faster with a manual lens than with autocus, especially in complicated scenes. Now it’s all about autofocus at Leica. Go figure.

    Personally I still hate autofocus in cameras. Always will.

    • As far as I know Leica was one of the first Companies to patent AF tech, but still left it and focused 😉 on manual focus rangefinder.
      Yes, in difficult situations (dark, or high contrast light) a skilled photographer can focus very quickly.
      Tech is evolving and I’m sure AF is not what it used to be years ago, but at least if I manual focus, and miss the focus, I blame myself and feel less frustrated.

  • DouglasGottlieb

    A Q style camera with interchangeable Leica AF lenses? Oh yeah!

    Now if only it could be priced like a Sony or Canon or Nikon (plus a little bit).

    • DouglasGottlieb

      Let Leica design it, Panasonic mass manufacture it, and brand it something new, to protect the Leica name. But this camera could be both the DSLR killer that mirrorless has been waiting for AND a real challenger to Sony, who will rule all of cameradom in a few years (in spite of themselves) if no other FF mirrorless players emerge.

      • DouglasGottlieb

        And everything weather sealed

      • Licheus

        I’ll price them at (per Leica’s tradition):

        Body: $5995
        40/2: $2495
        90/2: $4995
        24/2: $4995
        135/2 APO: your kidney

        None will be sealed.

        • DouglasGottlieb

          I’d bet on your vision, not mine, for prices. But I can still dream

    • I don’t want a Leica that cuts the same corners as Sony or Canon. Leica cameras should always focus on the attention to detail that ALL Japanese makers overlook in order to make cameras ever cheaper, or more mass market.

      The world doesn’t need an affordable Leica. The photography world is better to have a Leica Leica that conforms to its own standards. People purchase it if they want. If they don’t, or can’t afford it, there are myriad options.

      • DouglasGottlieb

        I agree completely about wanting Leica to be about quality without compromise. But I disagree that the current pricing is owing to that commitment entirely. Premium pricing would be fine. But today’s pricing is a marketing strategy to support the small scale.

        • If that is so, then every maker is drastically overpriced. There is NO comparison in build quality between the most expensive non-Leica full-frame mirrorless and the Leica. None.

          None of the attention to detail. None of the smoothly operating controls. It is obvious that Leica worked harder on making their cameras simple to use and out of better materials and to machine those materials to a better degree than the competition. No competition. So if Leica were to release a full frame AF mirrorless at Sony prices, Sony FF prices would have to drop to the price of entry-level m43.

          • DouglasGottlieb

            Good design can be mass produced. Apple devices probably have tighter tolerances and fewer issues by percentage than Leicas.

            And it is the rich that have myriad options, but the photographers who “deserve” to have a tool they can afford.

          • Again Douglas, it is proved by the ‘myriad’ non-Leica cameras on the market already: manufacturing to Leica standards simply isn’t possible. The X-Pro 1 isn’t even on the same page. It’s not just metal, it’s how Leica hones the interface to minimums, which is something NO Japanese manufacturer ever will try.

            Obfuscating intelligible operation is a Japanese design paragon.

            But that is merely the design. Absolutely, good design can be mass produced. But the car and attention Apple pay to a phone, which without contract, which costs 800-1600$, should show you how much it should cost to develop, design, and mass manufacture a camera the quality of which isn’t rivalled by anyone.

            A phone with three outer pieces made of aluminium should be as tightly constructed as anything. And I believe that Apple are unparalleled in their field of looking at the details.

            But they are in a different field.

            Leica have no equal. They have no competition in their niche. No one has the balls. No one has the market. If Fujifilm developed a 6000$ camera, no one would buy it. They have developed a market that accepts myriad compromises whilst believing they have an alternate Leica. Canon and Nikon got over that long ago, back when they made Leica and Contax clones.

            The small things: larger divots for A priority, half-stop exposure settings, threaded shutter buttons de-coupled from on/off switches, and even on/off switches that line up perfectly perpendicular to the camera face when set to S, and that practically hide when in the off space, fully engraved logos and marks — little things like that would add several hundred dollars at least to a Sony or Fujifilm camera.

            Not to mention: brass instead of magnesium, bright rangefinders, much finer metal work, far stronger accessory shoes…

            The list goes on and on.

            And while I’m sure that Leica make a handy profit, I am just as sure that Leica quality (met perfectly, not just copied, but R&D’d from the ground up and manufactured to the same standards), will, in this market, net a camera with a sticker price of at least 5000$. If you want cheaper, drop quality to levels seen in Sony, Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Panasonic, and Fujifilm cameras.

            There is no comparison.

          • DouglasGottlieb

            But then where does this line fall in the pricing structure? It can’t be the same as the M — surely that would hurt both lines. Will it cost more, like the S, or less, like the T? Certainly, the new camera will justify a higher price with all of the tech. But will a small FF camera dethrone the M? That seems unthinkable. And pricing it less than the M kills the T system. Something has to give. A FF that costs more than a MF? Maybe. A super rich niche line? They own that with the M. I still think it will replace the T. It is everything that camera should have been, and with a bigger sensor.

          • Douglas,

            I assume that this AF line won’t be on par with the M for finish or build quality, and will fall somewhere closer in line with the T, or perhaps the Q.

            I also assume that still M will be the manual focus niche that commands higher price, while this one is made more in line with mass market appeal. Again, not to the extent that Leica’s Japanese competitors have cheapened their lines, but certainly not M pricing.

            I think that people have rightly sussed its price range by considering it a Q without a lens. But a minimum of 3000$ is a fair guess.

            In retrospect, I think I misread your original post to assume that Leica was expensive just for expense’s sake. It’s obvious that they are competing directly with Sony pricing with the Q. They have compromised on a few things (only full stops on the shutter dial, removing half stops to a secondary control) which was a poor ergonomic decision but it is done.

            I was talking about the M. You were talking about the Q. I think it fair to consider the Q as low-ball as Leica are capable.

            Edit: In other words, please accept my humble apology for mis-reading your original post.

  • Roelv1

    Finally Leica returns to the professional market.

    • Erick Boileau

      exactly !

  • Erick Boileau

    perfect !

  • El Aura

    That is an awful lot of camera systems (four: T, M, ‘N’, S) for such a tiny company (rough numbers as I remember them: M 15’000 cameras per year, S 2000 cameras per year). The T system isn’t exactly selling like hotcakes either (though, being much cheaper than the M and S systems, it might sell still significantly more than the M). The X cameras probably are a moderate success for Leica given how many models they have released so far. And the Q might a real winner (being better and only about 30% more expensive than its nearest competitor).

    Even Canon and Nikon only have three camera systems each.

    • Mmm Canon and Nikon both aim at a different market (sure, photographers, but still different).

      Personally I think that the M is a system outdated since year 1960, but it’s still a fascinating (to me) one, call it nostalgia, charm, challenge.
      The T is (again, personal opinion) aimed more at those interested in its design and come from the smartphone experience.
      The S is a Medium Format camera, sadly I never had the chance to try it and see how it feels and delivers compared to other big beasts.

  • DouglasGottlieb

    Maybe the Q will be like the Sony RX1: a mind blowing but expensive proof of concept that sets the stage for the awesome but affordably high end system and lens lineup that is the A7x.

    Could this be the digital CL that instead of threatening M sales instead takes Leica (and Panasonic) to the top seller of the entire industry?

    M the M never die, devalue even or decline, but I’d sure love a premium but not out of reach lineup. Even Mercedes has a CLA and C class. And those aren’t re-badged Hondas at 1.5x the price.

    • koruki

      Actually if you’ve been in the CLA or GLA or any of their affordable lines you’ll notice a massive difference in interiors. Plastic and plastic and some of the plastic molds still have bits of plastic that wasn’t cleaned off properly at the merge seems.

  • EnPassant

    I bet the new Full Frame line will use the T-mount, which is FF compatible, and the camera will use similar design as Leica Q.

    • Did not know that the Q mount is compatible with full frame.

      • EnPassant

        You mean T-mount! 😉
        T-mount simply is wide enough to use a FF sensor, and that means it is FF compatible.
        What I can see in photos the inside diameter of the T-mount look to be wider than Sony’s E-mount. Also the contacts inside the mount are far away from the APS-C sensor.
        Canon’s EF-M mount is by the way also FF compatible in the same way.

        • yes, sorry T mount

        • So basically the Q and T cameras were the testing ground for that new system – very clever if true.

          • EnPassant

            That is of course so far only my educated guess. But I think it make sense as developing another mount and a completely new camera would be costly. Most camera producers use the same basic build for more cameras and camera lines.

            Leica is also known for following their own design language for all of their cameras. There is however a small possibility Leica could opt for an A7 type of camera in Leica R design just to differentiate it from the Q and M cameras. But build would propably still mostly be based on the Q.

            A modern ILC FF camera is really important for Leica. Most of the rangefinder aficionados are getting rather old by now. While manual focus may have gotten some resurrection with the adaption of manual lenses on mirrorless cameras most younger people are used to AF.

            But the rangefinder is also at its physical limit with high resolving sensors and fast lenses. The M lenses really deserves a camera with a built-in EVF that can focus them correctly. A new FF AF camera with the Q EVF, T-mount and the already available T to M mount adapter could solve both problems.

          • Les

            “the rangefinder is also at its physical limit with high resolving sensors and fast lenses.”

            I disagree with that statement. Rangefinders are the fastest and most accurate way of focusing lenses 50mm and wider. Live view can be more accurate, but it’s painfully clumsy and slow. Autofocus system will inevitably focus on the wrong part of your image and/or miss focus by an “acceptable margin” in order to increase speed.

          • EnPassant

            With that statement I only was thinking of the accuracy. And as you admit live-view can be better, though slow. When fast focus is needed I’d imagine many still would prefer the rangefinder. No disagreement there.

          • Bo Dez

            I had my suspicions this were the case. Thanks for this news, very excited. Perhaps one of the Noctilux’s was for this too.

          • Bo Dez

            I also wonder about that Konost camera. If it were actually Leica, testing peoples reactions.

          • Bo Dez

            The fact that we’ve not heard from them leaves me wondering if it was actually set up by Leica to test peoples reactions (which was a very favourable reaction).

  • Chito

    It’s interesting and good for Leica.. But AF lenses will have to be chunkier or slower..

    I think it’s a given that it’ll be great for manual focus lenses as well and it’ll have an M type body.. So they’ll have to differentiate the M somehow to keep it attractive besides the Messsucher (and probably the optical viewfinder).. maybe make it thinner and smaller? That would be great.

  • Of course I just took possession of a lovely black chrome limited edition 35 cron. Anyway, assuming it’ll be M mount compatible, this is a fun, juicy rumor!

  • a-traveler

    R10 Digital. A mirrorless camera about the same size/shape of a Sony α7II. What else could it be? The Rangefinder camera has reached the end of the line.

  • 3foot1

    Maybe it’ll be my reward for refusing to part with my four R lenses, despite mounting bills.

    Maybe not.

  • He is not the most consistent person.. 😉

    • Larry Ellis

      Consistency is key to a successful stalking.

      • After seeing this I started to read his posts (well, I don’t read everything..) taking everything with more than a grain of salt.

        • I am trying really hard not to laugh….

          • Satureyes

            is that actually a real thing.. paranormal Huff? no way!?

          • I want to think it’s a joke, but it’s real.

          • DouglasGottlieb

            If there’s also a Ken Rockwell UFO or Big Foot site, I may have to give up photography…

        • JLMILES

          Dude WTF?! I had no idea he was into this! I saw something once where I thought they said he name in some spirit video (he was the one filming) but I just assumed it was a different guy. It doesn’t look like a joke to me, it looks like he’s taking it very seriously.

          • JCM3

            I like how his “ghost detector” is just a modified FM radio (he links to one for sale on Amazon) that continuously scans through the stations without locking on so all those voices you hear in the video are just split-second snippets of radio commercials, announcers, etc.

        • DouglasGottlieb

          Yikes!!!! What is that??? Now I’m scared

          • DouglasGottlieb

            But maybe his A7s is capturing ghosts in low light/high ISO with noise that looks organic like film grain

        • Leon Roy

          Good grief I’m unsure whether to be appalled or impressed!

          • Well, he’s free to make money as he wants.. My opinion is that his website ( is interesting thanks to readers posts, not thanks to his reviews.
            Good for him that his website makes so many clicks of web traffic, but that of the ghostmachine is something that I really don’t like.

    • Doesn’t he consistently live in the same place?

  • FountainHead

    “Very good high ISO performance – probably the best in the industry”

    Leica’s cameras aren’t best-in-industry at anything at all.

    • we are talking about a future camera

      • FountainHead

        Oh for sure.
        But given how the M’s sensor lags the competition, I’m not buying a quantum leap to “best in the industry”. I’ll need to be proven wrong on that.

        • we have to wait and see, everything is possible

        • JLMILES

          That’s old hat Leica, new hat Leica is starting to use their own proprietary sensors like in the Q so there is every possibility that it will have the best sensor. Even after the new releases of the A7 line they still have the best EVF by a wide margin.

        • Les

          “the M’s sensor lags the competition”

          That’s only really true if you don’t make prints, or if you only shoot handheld in light so dim that you need 5-figure ISO numbers.

          In real life, Leica’s sensors are fine. They have great colours (except for the Monochrom, of course!), and the images just pop on a print compared to other cameras that theoretically should have slightly more linear resolution.

          • FountainHead


            The M is meant to be shot handheld–and in street/reportage use, light can be crap. One often needs to crank up ISO because one needs a fast shutter speed and small aperture (large DOF) to keep focus.

            In controlled light, on a tripod, sure: a skilled photographer suffers no penalty from Leica’s M sensor. But in relative terms, for what I do I need a sensor as good as Nikon circa 2011 before I can buy an M.

            Lots of people on are optimistic at the claim that Leica can lead technologically. I’ll believe it when I see it.

          • Les


            You will need to try this out yourself, but I find that Nikon’s ISO advantage is overstated.
            Leica’s lenses tend to be faster, and you can use them wide open with no quality loss. The hit rate with a sharp 1.4 lens that is focused correctly (thanks to the rangefinder) is much higher than the hit rate with a lens that needs to be stopped-down and a focusing system that’s hunting and/or guessing. You gain at least a stop from the lens, and one more from the fact that the camera can be held steady at lower speeds.

    • Karim Ghantous

      In terms of colour, the M9 is the best in the industry – and it’s a camera from 2009! It’s subtle, but it’s there.

      • I am big fan of the M9 as well.

      • Ric Ricard

        The M9 can indeed produce amazing images, however there is also a magenta problem where hands and heads can look purple rather than their correct color.

  • j j

    Oh, didn’t you hear? The new Sony lineup is the best camera he’s ever touched, so he is basically out of the corporate shill game totally. I expect he’ll shut down his web site shortly, and go exclusively to making photos now.

  • j j

    Oh, didn’t you hear? The new Sony lineup is the best camera he’s ever touched, so he is basically out of the corporate shill game totally. I expect he’ll shut down his web site shortly, and go exclusively to making photos now.

    • Not a chance. Steve Huff is not the type to actually go somewhere to take photos. 😉

  • Strough

    Interesting. What I have heard is a Q with zoom-lens.. But that is not a system so I don’t know; maybe both are on the horizon. I would expect the zoom to come first, then an interchangeable Q later, if so..

  • saywhatuwill

    So it’ll have a backlit sensor. Because it’ll have all new lenses that means all new sales and the second hand market will be non-existent for a while. Win-win for Leica (and the consumer)! Mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money.

  • I’ve been thinking about this ‘best sensor’ thing.

    Nobody makes the BEST sensor, instead, the best sensor that they think users will PAY FOR.

    I see a conversation like this:
    Leica: ‘Ok, make me the best sensor.’
    Panasonic/Sony/Whoever: ‘What’s my budget?’
    Leica: ‘Whatever, just make it the best.’
    Panasonic/Sony/Whoever: ‘Yes, sir!’

  • I’ve been thinking about this ‘best sensor’ thing.

    Nobody makes the BEST sensor, instead, the best sensor that they think users will PAY FOR.

    I see a conversation like this:
    Leica: ‘Ok, make me the best sensor.’
    Panasonic/Sony/Whoever: ‘What’s my budget?’
    Leica: ‘Whatever, just make it the best.’
    Panasonic/Sony/Whoever: ‘Yes, sir!’

  • Bo Dez

    With this, I guess it shows they really are concerned about Sony and the a7rII afterall.

  • MJr

    Panasonic and Leica going steady, i like it. Similarly Zeiss and Sony have made each other’s lives a lot better. It would be a Fuji killer for those of us that prefer a touch of Made in Germany.

  • Christos Kontos

    If Leica did autofocus, many pro-Canon and Nikon uses that need “practicality” for wedding and portraits and corporate use would use them. The 50mm f0.95 is the bait, with a autofocus, would sell.

  • Strough

    The guy I spoke to said that there will be “a Q with Zoom”. I just assumed it would be a built in zoom, but maybe Leica will release a Q-body with a zoom to start things off. I dunno.

  • Could this be associated with the Noctilux rumors from back at the end of June?

    • maybe it will be a new Noctilux for the new system

    • and maybe the new system will have T mount which most likely can support full frame sensor

  • jmb2560

    I’don’t care that much about AF but some sort of VR capability à la a7RII would be an interesting feature.

  • Urgently need fresh rumors 😉

  • I’m late to the game – but we all know it won’t have the best ISO performance in the industry. This isn’t a complaint – but Leica isn’t a leader in hardware or software.

    If you said “It’ll be the most enjoyable AF camera in the industry” I would believe you…

  • Thylmuc

    For years I have been hoping for a non-range-but-optical-finder camera from Leica with an M mount, that instead uses an electronic focussing aid (focus balance) , That should make such camera more compact, and also significantly cheaper.

    Seems that this won’t ever happen 🙁

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