Leitz Park III construction to begin in early 2016

Leitz Park III project
The construction of Leitz Park III is scheduled to begin in early 2016 and it will include a hotel called "Ernst Leitz Hotel" with 120 beds, a new museum that will be part of "Leica World" (Leica Welt) and the headquarter for CW Sonderoptic:

Leitz Park III project map
The project will cost €50 million. Everything should be completed by the end of 2017.

Via mittelhessen.de

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  • Christos Kontos

    If Leica, doesn’t improved and get “truly professional”, all Leica will be, is just that a”museum”, these new cameras are just gimmicks. The Monochrome and the film cameras, are good but the rest cannot be used and cannot be justified at those prices.

  • KW

    Why waste money on a hotel?! What’s the point? This is a camera brand!

    Imagine what they could do putting that $50 mill into expanding their production line!

  • Elias Hardt

    So this is a Leica… Theme park? Leicaland. Come ride the Monochromcoaster and the SL-ide. No mirrors in the fun house, though.

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