The Konost full frame digital rangefinder camera project is still alive

Konost FF full frame digital rangefinder camera 14 Konost FF full frame digital rangefinder camera 13
Konost FF full frame digital rangefinder camera 16 Konost FF full frame digital rangefinder camera 15
Konost FF full frame digital rangefinder camera 11 Konost FF full frame digital rangefinder camera 12
Expect some updates soon on the full frame digital rangefinder camera project from Konost (more information available here):

Many have asked on social media if Konost has gone bust, particularly since we haven’t posted anything new for the past couple of days… or months.

Well, we are happy to say that Konost is more than just alive. In fact, we’ve doubled the size of our team.

For the past year, we have been working hard each aspect of the camera. Behind the scenes, we’re spending our time on the full frame sensor calibration, the rangefinder and viewfinder interaction, the dial and button electronics, the body design, and the list goes on. The Konost FF will come.

It’s humbling for us to see so many of you rooting for us. To those who are waiting patiently, thank you.

Over the next several months, we’ll also be working on setting up a better method of communicating with you, our supporters. We plan to set up a mailing list that would provide updates to those most interested.

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  • tjholowaychuk

    Curious what it costs to license the M mount (if anything?). I had considered trying to come up with an open-source solution like this, easier said than done of course.

    • Tors

      Fellow dev + photographer here. I wonder the same thing. BTW, I’m a big fan of your OSS work.

      • tjholowaychuk

        Thanks man!

    • Thylmuc

      Probably nothing, since any patents Leica might have had are long gone.

      • Yes, I think the M mount is now open to anyone interested.

      • tjholowaychuk

        Hmm now I’m even more interested haha, I thought that would be a blocker for sure.

  • Thylmuc

    While this might not be as urgent, since there is an LCD Screen, I still wonder if it might be a good thing to provide some attachment mount for tele viewfinders.

  • padam
    • I am not a big fan of Kickstarter. They basically will not issue a refund if the project fails. I hope Konost can continue without Kickstarter.

      • Thylmuc

        The Frankencamera II is not such a project. Instead, it is clear that there will be no product at the end. The money was raised solely for experimentation, i.e. to allow the initiator to buy a Sony camera, and probably additional stuff for constructing and prototyping housign parts and electronics.
        I am not sure what the results will be, but I hope that by the experience gained with the Leica M3, other cameras might also benefit. I’d rather have a digital back for a Nikon F2 or F3.

        • I think the actual results of the project for people who paid were the 3D drawing and design so you can 3D-print it out and do it yourself.

          • Thylmuc

            Maybe, but the camera apparently will require modifications as well, and there might be Need for additional electronics as well. Not an easy DIY project.

  • I’m really really happy to see it,and I hope we can see soon a working prototype. I wonder if they have already a price in mind..

  • MJr

    Lol, that super long tele lens action photo on the rear display. They did that with the rangefinder did they? Haha.

  • Ric Ricard

    If this update is indeed coming so “soon”, why not just wait until then to write this post?

    • because people are asking about this project and want to know if the project is still alive

    • MJr

      Because soon is relative and this is a rumors blog, duh.

  • FountainHead

    95% of this comes down to the sensor for me.
    Good sensor? I’m in.
    Number of MP, for me, irrelevant past 12. Good ISO etc. and we’re off to the races.

    • CHD

      You’re right, it comes down to the sensor which is why I think this camera will fail. There is a reason why Leica M cameras still work best with rangefinder lenses, they have sensors designed with microlenses to play well with M lenses. Even the brand new A7Rii does not work as well with rangefinder lenses conapred to an M240.

      I highly doubt that Konost will have access to CMOSIS sesnors made for Leica, they will probably use standard Sony sesnors that while perform very well don’t work as good with M glass. Maybe I’m wrong…

  • Seven_Spades

    I love the simplicity. Focus, Aperture, Shutter speed, simple. Not sure the viewfinder works with the curved back though.

    • It looks as if the viewfinder extrudes out of the curved back, and is straight.

  • Chito

    I really hope that this camera is successful, it can only be good for Leica.

  • Christos Kontos

    Does anybody know the cost of it?

  • Paul

    The design is still fundamentally flawed and won’t work. The rangefinder patch is not centred with the viewfinder, and the viewfinder is too low and will be obscured by even the smallest lenses. I made the same comments last time, but it doesn’t look like this project understand how to design a camera or take photos? Looks like someone just merged a T and an M in photoshop?

    • Thylmuc

      What is the rangefinder patch?

  • Dima135

    where is rangefinder ????

  • Valdo

    ISO dial ???

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