Leica M Typ 262 camera review (video)

Event three months after the official announcement, the new Leica M Typ 262 camera is still not available in stock in any of the major retailers. Here is an updated Leica 262 review/hands-on video:

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  • James Donahue

    Seems to me that there is a terrible breakdown between Marketing and sales, A product this caliber should be made available when it is announced.

  • Wade Marks

    On the one hand, I get that Leica makes products in small quantities; they are a relatively small company, with devices that include a lot of stuff hand made in the production.

    Yet I will say that for Leica it should be apparent to them that their rangefinder M series is their bread and butter. They tried with the Leica T, and it seems to have failed in the market. Their Leica SL doesn’t seem to be going over that well.

    Their Q has been a huge hit and it too is in short supply. But the Q is almost like a more modernized M with EVF and a fixed lens.

    We know nothing about the production capacities of Leica, nor their marketing and planning strategies. Yet it may be best for them to refocus on the M series, and also ramp up the Q line, which has been their only real hit outside of the M. Leica should have made a Q type camera with interchangeable lenses, rather than the SL.

    IMHO, the SL has been a waste of resources for Leica. Very revealing that I can easily find a Leica SL, but not a Q or this M top 262. The market has spoken.

    • Akos Szilvasi

      Absolutely agree. I fully expected a version of the Q to be announced and when I saw the SL I was puzzled by their marketing decision. Still no idea what motivated them toward the SL.

  • Akos Szilvasi

    My first and only Leica (so far) is the Q. I would not trade it for any other current M series models and hope Leica expands the Q to an interchangeable lens version (keeping the superb leaf shutter in the new lenses).

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