Leica M Typ 262 hands-on review (video)

Leica M Typ 262 camera hands-on review review by DigitalRev:

The Leica M Typ 262 camera is currently in stock at B&H.

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  • It looks good. Let’s see how the “stripped” version will be priced.

    • Can’t wait. I’ve used the M240 on every assignment I’ve had since last March (I do only a handful a year) and found it perfect. But would love a lighter version, and if possible, a stripped one.

      • What kind of assignment do you do, if I may ask?

        • By trade, I am a still life commercial photographer, shooting mainly jewellery and earphones/headphones/amps/DACs.

          ohm-image.net hosts _some_ of my images (at the bottom).

          But because I’ve got the audiophile connection, I shoot hi resolution wine and cheese listening sessions (silly stuff really) where CEOs from different silly companies meet, greet, and try to sell technology to musicians and distributors. These are small events.

          Generally, quiet cameras with simple operation work well. That, and CEOs like Leica.

          Second, I shoot at the British Embassy in Tokyo once or twice a year (twice last year) – events where CEOs come to sell London, or English technology, or come to hobnob with Japan’s high-tech and service industry. Sometimes these spill over into trade shows where I cover booths. Silly stuff really, but again, the M240 is brilliant.

          I also shoot models (humans) twice a year, audiophile CEO meets for magazines, etc.

          All told, the assignments/events I shoot usually come to between five and ten. But not more than that. Currently, I carry the M and a backup from Fuji or something. I am waiting to purchase another M when a new model that suits my style of shooting debuts.

          • Thank you for the answer and forgive the belated reply! I looked at the website, and loved the product images.
            I mainly use the Q for the assignements at hotels (private parties with actors and guests), I love the responsiveness of the camera.
            My “forbidden dream” has always been the monochrom, since I usually shoot in b&w for my passion, but it would be pretty unusable when covering events (I must admit that I’m working on a project with a chef and photos of food will be in b&w).
            I wonder how I would operate in those dim halls (my main customer really likes the dim and moody light of her hotel, and does not want flash lights, nor AF light assistance..) with changing lights on different areas and guests that stop for no more than three seconds before getting annoyed..
            A stripped M camera with a lower price could be very tempting, though in these days I’m wondering if In Leica someone is preparing a Q with a 85/90mm f2/f2.5 macro lens.
            I would buy it in a heartbeat.

          • I’m right with you: a Q series with wide, normal, and long fixed lens options would be perfect for event photography.

            Who knows what will happen, but I think that Leica are really thinking through the Q and I would be surprised if they left it to languish like the X100 series.

  • Ric Ricard

    Typically entertaining and informative Digital Rev review. He should have mentioned how much lighter the camera is than the M240. It’s very noticeable, and its a big plus in favor of the M242.

  • James Donahue

    Anyone know where this Video was made?

    • everbeenthere

      Cambridge, England

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