Leica with record sales, increased revenue for the 2015/2016 fiscal year

Leica had record sales and increased revenue (by 12%) for the 2015/2016 fiscal year:

The revenues for the fiscal year 2015/16 (until the end of March) to the previous year by twelve percent to 365 million euros, said Oliver Kaltner, CEO of Leica Camera AG.

The profitability of the producer of cameras and lenses has grown. Kaltern: "We have a two-digit EBIT margin from the same time we invest eleven percent of our turnover in research and development." (Google translation; source)


In a related interview with Handelsblatt, Leica's executives already talk openly about the upcoming Huawei P9 smartphone that will feature a Leica lens system.

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  • Andrew Gemmell

    Great news! All bodes well for new products….if you can afford them :-)!! Seriously is great news.

  • CHD

    Funny, everyone likes to point at Leica as some sort of joke that long ago lost relevance. It appears that Leica is one of the few camera manufacturers increasing sales and profits.

    • Wade Marks

      I agree…Leica has a lucrative niche and works that niche very well.

    • ZoetMB

      When you start off from a small base, a small number of increased sales is going to up the percentage substantially. I increased my pizza consumption this year by 100%, but last year I had only one slice.

      There’s nothing wrong with niches. BMW is never going to be a mass-market product (unless they license the brand). Leica shouldn’t be either. I totally respect Leica’s incredibly beautiful design and quality. It’s just not something I can personally afford. But lots of things fit into that category.

      But let’s also get real. Even with substantial sales declines in the photography market in the last few years by the Japanese manufacturers, Leica is still only 12% the size of Nikon’s photo division. It is a very niche line of products. Nothing wrong with that. Part of the appeal (whether admitted or not) is the exclusivity.

      • CHD

        Sorry, you lost me at ‘BMW is never going to be a mass-market product’. Not sure where you live but in Vancouver there’s a BMW in every other driveway.

        Yes, I am well aware that Leica is a niche market, I never said otherwise.

        • ZoetMB

          Between 2000 and 2014, BMW’s global share of the market was between 2.04% and 3.07% in each year, peaking in 2011. That makes them a niche producer. They sold 1.66 million cars in 2013. By way of comparison, Ford’s global market share as of late 2014 was 14.4% and Chrysler’s was 13.6%.

          • CHD

            It’s all in how you define ‘mass market’, which is what I take issue with. 1.66 million cars sold is definitely ‘mass market’…vs say Tesla who has only sold 125,000 cars since they came into existence.

  • Floyd Summerhayes

    Well deserved Leica, having recently purchased a Leica, I do like the events, training etc available at various Leica Stores, it does feel like their giving something back.

  • Timothy Rule

    Leica publishes the financial report in Germany, but I don’t recall where. In that you get some breakdown of camera types and also what impact currency movements had on revenue. Without reading that you can’t really tell much other than they are talking up the new relationship with Huawei before the release of their new phone – a strategy they have _finally_ copied from Zeiss.

  • Bo Dez

    This is great news and well deserved and I hope it comes back to the users in even better products.

  • Daryl

    This is good news, as a photographer I want more companies to do well, the competition raises the bar and we have more choices. I miss Minolta to this day, they made great products and my Minolta V is still going strong.

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