Power/battery grip for the Leica M8 camera under development

A reader sent me this picture of an ongoing project for a power/battery grip for Leica M8 cameras (the picture above shows the first step: designing a dummy battery). After the project is completed, it will be available for funding on Kickstarter. Stay tuned for updates.

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    I was using the M8.2 grip on my M9 so as far as size and battery it’s all the same. With the M8 going on 10 years now and the M9 explosion leading to lots of those samples still in use, seems prudent to make sure it works on both.

  • Eric Boe

    Any chance the power grip could have a manual wind lever like the old Leicavit and a super-capacitor that you would charge with the same?

    • leica man


  • Bo Dez

    It should work on the M9 too.

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