New Leica promos/deals in the USA and UK

Leica USA introduced a new M Typ 262 bundle that offers a savings of $2,095. The promo bundle includes:

  • Leica M (Typ 262) camera
  • Leica Summarit-M 50mm f/2.4 lens (black finish)
  • Leica SF40 flash
  • Leica nylon systems case (medium size, black)

The price of the whole kit is $5,995. This promo is available till September 30, 2016.

Leica UK also has a new promo: £500 credit towards the purchase of a new Leica M 240, M-P and Monochrom when you trade-in any camera. See all the details at Reddotcameras.

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  • saywhatuwill

    That actually seems kinda reasonable for a Leica. I wonder if they’re feeling the heat from Hasselblad and thinking it’s best to strike while the iron is hot and the Hasselblad isn’t available just yet?

    • MdB

      You would think it would be more for SL then?

      • Well, the Hasselblad shoots at only 2.5fps while the SL shoots at up to 11 fps. Totally different styles of shooting; I don’t think the Hasselblad is much of a threat. It would be much more of a threat to the S, which is also medium format but much more expensive.

        I think Jack is right and this is just a routine sale to clear inventory for Photokina. I’m sure they would also like to see a few new customers with the lower prices. I also think they might be trying to tempt potential Q buyers into spending a few more bucks and getting the pure Leica experience. After all, the Q is basically not available everywhere …

        • MdB

          Oh I agree, which is why I was saying that IF this were true it would probably be for the SL, not the M. While they aren’t direct competitors I think they are still closer. I don’t think the 262 bundle is to get rid of stock before a new M, I think it is probably that the 262 was priced to have more leeway to discount as a ‘my first M’ model and use up existing hardware, like the M-E just earlier in the flagships product cycle.

  • YMN

    Great deal in my opinion.

  • Eric Boe

    A solid configuration for sure, but I think I would have offered a similar setup with the 35, perhaps for a few dollars more.

  • ZMWT

    Any comparison with Hassy is futile; Hassy will never have anything like Leica optics in terms of tiny size and fine craftsmanship. I think this is Leica’s own genuine offer and it makes perfect sense to introduce with such offer newcomers into the system— at more than half the price of Hassy which has but two lenses.

    • Keith

      Actually I was shooting Leica in the past but was frustrated with my eyesight and how difficult the manual focus was wide open. I missed always having it on me and was looking at purchasing one again until the hassy announcement. Now I’ve stopped looking at Leica and am waiting to see reviews on the hassy. I bet I’m not alone.

  • Jack

    We should encourage competition even if it is not direct apples-to-apples because it fosters innovation. This is a nice deal and “probably” a tactic to start clearing out inventory to make way for the next generation M to be announced at Photokina this year.

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