HandeVision IBERIT 24mm f/2.4 lens for Leica M mount to be announced at Photokina

HandeVision IBERIT 24mm f:2.4 lens for Leica M mount
I received a tip that the HandeVision IBERIT 24mm f/2.4 lens for Leica M mount will be announced at Photokina. The picture above is a prototype of the new lens with a special surface finish in silver matt that was recently spotted in Germany by a reader.

In December last year HandeVision announced their new series of IBERIT mirrorless manual focus lenses (no info on the 24mm lens was provided at that time). The price of the lenses is expected to be between $480 and $660.

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  • mediabob

    I’m confused, why would you attach a lens of dubious quality to a camera known for its quality? The lens makes the image, not the camera. Wouldn’t you always want to buy the best glass you can afford?

    • Blatio

      That’s the point. Affordable. And maybe not bad.

      • mediabob

        I would agree if affordability was the issue. But then, why buy a Leica?

        • Blatio

          Do you know another camera with M mount? Or what if you like to use a rangefinder but can not afford Leica glass?

          • mediabob

            Voigtlander; Epson; Konica Minolta all have rangefinders But, if you own a Leica M series and want more affordable lenses, why not consider the other quality optics manufacturers such as Zeiss or Voigtlander.

          • MdB

            Those other brands don’t make some of these lenses? They are also not as affordable. Voigtlander used to make a nice 75/2.5 but now only the large 75/1.8 which is not so great wide open. Zeiss only made their 85’s and only the f4 is still available. Voigtlander don’t make a 90mm any more and when they did it was a f3.5.

            In the wider lenses Zeiss have their 25mm but Voigtlander’s is f4. Neither are particularly new. The 35/50 make less sense, with plenty of good options, but it’s nice to see a fairly complete ‘set’.

            I shoot a Leica because I like a rangefinder, I’m not bound by Leica branding.

          • MdB mentioned the 25 Zeiss ZM lens. After renting this lens I cannot imagine a better 24/25mm.also I also shoot a RF for the way I see through it and how it operates. Diminishing returns hits quickly when you talk lens/price ratios. There is tremendous non-Leica glass for the M as a good as Leica, and sometime better, for a lot less money.

    • Daryl

      And Leica has arguably the best 24mm lens already, super small and compact, slightly slow.

      • mediabob

        True enough for the 24mm Elmar-M at f/3.8, but the sharpest aperture for that one is closer to f/8.0. There’s also the 24mm Summilux-M and the 24mm Elmarit-M f/2.8

  • Mistral75

    Official news from a press release dated June 29th:


    • Not much information available.

      • Mistral75

        Save for the date of release of the two first Iberit lenses (50mm and 75mm): now in Japan and mid-July globally, instead of mid-March as planned and previously announced.

        Besides, there is now a version in Leica L mount (the mount of Leica T and SL) in addition to the Fujifilm X, Leica M (rangefinder coupled) and Sony E versions previously listed.

  • MdB

    Yes but where can you buy the previously announced ones?

    • Mistral75

      They haven’t been released yet, save for the 50mm and 75mm a few days ago in Japan to begin with.

      • MdB

        Ah I see, I thought this was the ‘later released 24mm’ being released.

    • Could not find a reseller.

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