Leica Store Las Vegas officially opened

I already reported about the new Leica Store Las Vegas few months ago - today Leica USA officially announced the opening of the first-ever Las Vegas Store, located in the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace (right off the Las Vegas Strip’s ground-level entrance to Forum Shops). The Leica Store Las Vegas has the longest operating hours of any Leica Store, open from 10 am - midnight on Friday and Saturday and 10 am - 11 pm Sunday through Thursday. A rotating selection of prints are on display to showcase the inspiring imagery captured with Leica cameras.

Leica Opens First Las Vegas Store: Brings Premium Camera Brand to Top U.S. Travel Destination

Prime Location in Caesars Palace Forum Shops Will Feature Full Camera Line, Access to Leica Experts and Superior Guest Service

July 11, 2016 – Leica Camera today announces the opening of the first-ever Las Vegas Store, located in the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace. The Leica Store Las Vegas allows consumers to explore Leica cameras first-hand in a dedicated space that offers exceptional service and access to an expert staff who are available to provide in-depth advice, tips and recommendations no matter the photographer’s skill level.

The new Store offers Las Vegas visitors and locals the opportunity to experience the entire Leica camera line and select sport optic products through product demonstrations and advice from a highly-trained staff.  A rotating selection of prints are on display to showcase the inspiring imagery captured with Leica cameras. Located right off the Las Vegas Strip’s ground-level entrance to Forum Shops, the Leica Store Las Vegas is central for travelers and has the longest operating hours of any Leica Store. Guests can visit the store from 10am-Midnight on Friday and Saturday and 10am-11pm Sunday through Thursday.

“Las Vegas is a top travel destination not only within the U.S. but also for international customers, and Leica is excited to add the city to its roster of locations as it offers a fresh opportunity to cater to photographers and Leica fans from all over the world,” said Roland Wolff, VP of Marketing and Corporate Retail, of Leica Camera. “Caesars Palace’s must-see Forum Shops, also known as the “The Shopping Wonder of the World,” are a world-class shopping destination, with 160 specialty stores and fine restaurants, making it a perfect fit for the Leica Store Las Vegas.”

Leica Store Las Vegas in the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace is located at 3500 Las Vegas Blvd. South. Phone: 702-868-4070; Email: info@leicastorelv.com

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  • Mark

    I live in Las Vegas…It is beyond me why Leica would open a store here. People come to Las Vegas to gamble and lose their money, NOT to buy Leica cameras. Besides, there is a Leica Boutique already here. Leica isn’t Apple where you have a much in demand product line. I wonder what genius comes up with these store locations in the US….Like the LA store..this store will operate at a loss too. As it stands now, there are way too many Leica Stores in the USA now. Last, when people come to Las Vegas, they often ask me about the opulent casinos and hotels…I remind them, those casinos and hotels were built by all the Losers and Not the Winners…Most people realize the reality in what I said to them and then put their money back in their pockets and just watch.

    • CHD

      Vegas attracts the richest people in the world….makes perfect sense that Leica would place a store there.

      • Mark

        CHD, This Leica Store in Las Vegas, will operate at a loss just like the LA store does…most people have no clue what a Leica camera is much less would waste their time shopping for one in Las Vegas…even if they win big $$. Leica has a boutique there already and it doesn’t do a lot of business. This will be interesting to see how long the store “operates”. Since I live in Las Vegas and frequent the boutique there, I can only report what I see and hear from the owner and staff. This was not a well thought out business decision…for Leica.

        • CHD

          Mark you don’t get it…people with REAL money don’t need to win in Vegas to buy a camera. Vegas attracts a tonne of people with a tonne of money. I’m talking about the kind of tourists who drop $1000 on dinner and don’t even think about it. There is a reason why Vegas has so many high end boutique shops, whether it be for jewelry, art, watches whatever. Those shops are not all there operating at a loss.

    • Matt E-D

      There are many, many other luxury brands at the Fashion Show Mall, Bellagio shops, and Wynn Casino; Rolex, Cartier, Ferrari, etc… People go to Vegas to blow money, whether on games, thrills, or shopping. Which they do is irrelevant; either people are impulse buying a lot of luxury goods, or the Casinos are subsidizing their presence there to gain the prestige carried with those brands. Either way, I assure you that Leica won’t be operating this store at a loss.

  • 3foot1

    Maybe the Leica Boutique is doing better than you think. Also, if I, as a cheapskate risk-averse guy, happened to win a stupid-big jackpot on a slot machine, I could easily see myself walking down to the Leica Store and converting my winnings into camera — better than throwing it away trying to win more.

    • Mark

      3foot1, I frequent the Leica Boutique and I can say, it has not done all that well according to the store staff. I suggest you would be in the minority of going to the Leica store on the strip after a big $$$ win to buy a Leica. Leica will discover this over time…then again, sometimes a business has a location for the “look or presence” rather than to make money, e.g. LA Store.

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