Leica “8854” camera registered at the Indonesian Communication Agency

Leica 8854 camera
A new Leica camera model 8854 was recently (July 11th) registered at the Indonesian telecommunication agency. The camera has Wi-Fi and/or a GPS module and is "made in Germany" as the Leica SL, Q and T. The Indonesian telecommunication agency reports that the camera is currently being tested at their test centre ("Balai Uji" = test centre).

Via Digicame-info

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  • TomV

    Here’s hoping for the love child between an M and an SL.

    • FountainHead

      I’d settle for the bastard black-and-white-haired offspring of an M and a T.

  • J.Coi

    Here’s hoping for a Q with an M mount.

    • I hope you’re right. I’ve been saying: instant buy for me!

    • TomV

      Q is very quirky, but it’s certainly possible since the Q is made in Germany (with some Panasonic? parts?)

    • CHD

      Funny thing though, I’ve been saying that since even before the Q was released and usually there is a tirade from the masses about how I should just buy a Sony. Sigh.

    • El Aura

      Why not say a X with an FF sensor, EVF and M mount? Point being, feature-wise the SL is the closest to what you want (just put an M-mount instead of the L mount). But you want something more compact than the SL and that is why you said Q.

      One might ask why the SL is larger than the Q (beyond what the larger EVF requires) and the answer is probably that adding a lens mount requires more internal space (width and height), though maybe the larger AF and zoom lenses (compared to M lenses) called for a larger grip and larger general dimensions.

      • Need money for an M

        That will be an overlap between M and Q then.

    • GC

      While wishful thinking (we all want a camera as you describe), but don’t you think that will cannibalize Digital M’s sales?

      • J.Coi

        Will that be a problem, if total Leica sales are increase?

        • GC

          That’s up to Leica executives to decide, and as much as I like to see that happen I don’t think it will happen as it is too risky to pull it off.

          • J.Coi

            The only “too risky” in business is “too risky for risk tolerance”. All risk is calculate, and Kaufman likes big risk and he is with “money to burn”. Leica’s risk for develop “S” and “SL” was high and successful. Yes, “Q with M mount” is more close to “M”, but I believe for Kaufman and Kaltner to keep going. Leica has great luxury market with many customers buy every new model.

  • 9 oz. 5 in.

    It’s time for next generation of M240.

    • Old Doc

      M360 or M500 ??

  • snappyuk

    If we’re all guessing wildly, I’ll have an X Vario with a constant f/4 aperture zoom, GPS and – most importantly – access to the battery and SD card compartment without having to remove the handgrip.

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