New Leica “Sofort” instant camera leaked in LFI magazine?

A new Leica instant camera reportedly leaked in the latest issue of LFI magazine. If anyone got the new LFI issue please confirm, because this looks more like a joke than a real leak.

Update: I received multiple confirmations that this camera is indeed real - more information is available here.

The so called "Sofort" (instant in German) looks very similar to the current Fuji Instax Mini 90 model and it will work also with Fuji Instax film. Here are the specs:

  • Lens: Auto-Hektor 1:12,7/60mm lens (34mm equivalent on 35mm film)
  • Three focusing zones: Macro (no distance in the info) / Standard 60cm-3m / Infinity 3m-infinty
  • Will take Fuji-Instax film (62x46mm pictures)
  • Selfie mode
  • Price: under 300€
  • Shipping in November
  • Three colors available: white, orange and mint

Additional pictures:


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  • Leica shooters will be very unhappy with such a low price tag. I’m afraid they’ll demand one more zero.

  • Heiko Bertram

    Design ala Year 2000

    So fake

    • I agree, but who will write an entire article with a fake camera… Leica?

      • Heiko Bertram

        Crazy retro design imo. Restylen 3ed brand? But them again lets see how it will perform

        • Bo Dez

          Retro is that market. Millennial want to experience what we had. This is proof that when the genius of Leica works, it really works.

    • So far I have no confirmation that this is the real LFI issue, so unless this happens, I agree – this is fake. It is just hard for me to believe that Leica will work together with Fuji. Very hard…

      • Heiko Bertram

        Use common sense. Why would fuji want to / they used to partner with hasselblad. They don’t need Leica’s expertise so why partner with them?

        Leica is so close with Panasonic (and heuiai (can’t even spel it). why workshop with even more

        • I agree with all that, my question is who spent several hours to fake that article and pictures….

          • Heiko Bertram

            There are plenty of people who know how to do digital mockups. They like their designs being published. Wasn’t a such a former designer offered a job bij Leica (his designs were actually nice which can’t be said of this instax alike design). He did the design of the Leica Q

            I only spequlate

          • I just received my first confirmation – this camera is real.

        • Narretz

          This is not about expertise. Leica is simply licensing the instannt camera production tech. It’s quite a risk free investment for Leica.

          • Yes, Fuji will be getting a cut for every single one of those cameras, which I find kind of funny 🙂

          • Mistral75

            Above all, Fuji will sell the Instax films, which is much more profitable than selling the camera.

          • That’s true, but I am also sure that the camera has some IP and Leica has to pay royalties.

  • McFortner

    Fake. The big clue is on the back where it says “Designed by Leica Camera Germany”. The phrasing is all wrong. The Leica CL is engraved on the bottom “MFG in Japan for Leitz Wetzlar”.

  • Narretz

    Tangential, but are photos like the front cover of the magazine really considered good photography? It looks so forced.

    • Bo Dez

      What are you on about? The picture is amazing. I am 99.9% sure you have not taken anything like it, to say something as naive as that.

  • Adrian Day

    I prefer mine.

  • Bo Dez

    The Instax market is enormous. it’s the best selling film apparently, being the last of the consumer markets. Leica is very clever to jump on this market which is pretty much untapped and left alone by other brands. I’m all for revenue raising projects like this if it means a filter down to better M, S cameras etc. Now, if only there was something that could be done to save the last of the peel apart instant films, FP100c etc. 🙁

    • Simon

      Agree. This instax market is where analogue meets Lo-Mo meets hipster cred. Lots of fun if you don’t take it’s quality too seriously.

    • I hope Leica’s lens is better than Fuji’s.

      • Mistral75

        A 60mm f/12.7 with 3 focus positions only? It’s the modern, medium format interpretation of the good ol’ Instamatic.

  • 1741

    If true it’s a win win for fuji

  • Simon

    Instant gratification. What’s not to like? I’d rather buy this than a cheap (Panasonic) digital.

    The mint colour is cool too! (not sure about the yellow).

  • Panchoskywalker

    Finally a Leica I can afford. I wish it uses instax wide instead of mini though.

  • padam

    what the actual fuck

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