Leica HG-SCL 4 multifunctional handgrip for the SL now available for pre-order

The new Leica HG-SCL 4 multifunctional handgrip for the SL Typ 601 camera is now available for pre-order:

Shipping will start in October 2016.

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  • soundimageplus
  • Adam

    The price is stupid. Even for Leica. But still, I was more than half expecting it.

    • Tom Fuldner

      Agreed. But in line with just about anything when migrating from Nikon/Canon/Sony: increase spend by a minimum factor of 2.5, swallow hard and eat beans instead of steak.

      • Adam

        But my diet requires me to eat high fat low protein meals. With no carbs/sugars.. So I have to buy the really expensive beef to get the high fat content.. Thus no grip for me 🙁

    • TomV

      Economies of scale. The SL does not sell in any appreciable volume, and only a fraction of those users will buy the grip. I personally wish Leica would focus on working professionals with a more mainstream product, but can’t blame them for this pricing structure due to the limited market.

      • I think more would buy the grip if it was, say, under $500. I think Leica might want to play with demand curves a bit. I would be much more likely to get a SL system if they got it with lens under $10k. And they price it lower than that in Hong Kong! Adam is right about this. It is annoying …

        • Bo Dez

          I am not willing to buy any new Leica system until they address their current systems issues. No new M, the S is plagued with reliability issues and they have not delivered new lenses and the resolution is still the same since 2009. Not to mention they dropped the R. Invest in a new system? No thanks, no way. I will not trust them any longer. These new SL lenses won’t even be ready until next Photokina!

          • TomV

            I love my R lenses! I still use them (but not on Leica body).

  • sickheadache

    850 Dollars….Leica Continues that great tradition…We Love Over Priced Toys. I will bet this grip only cost Leica 100 dollars, if that to make. Leica’s New Motto…Bend Over and Let Us Dry Cluck You.

  • In the mean time … I’m disappointed to see no new T. Anyone know what happened to it?

    • I am pretty sure a new TL is coming, I am just not sure when.

  • ZMWT

    I am not sure how anyone can compare Leica’s prices of their brand new system and its components with over 25 years if continuous development and cost elimination of Nikon or Canon pro DSLRs? Where is logic in that? The fact that Nikon’s grip may cost $300, or that Nikon’s 70-200 is $2200 instead of $6000 one pays for Leica’s zoom, makes it in fact both overpriced, considering how much cost Nikon and Canon have written off during the years. Even in worst case scenario, both Leica and Nikon make same profit from the sales.

  • John-F

    I just had a look at the Leica Camera website. Not only is this new handgrip US $850, but there is a also a Handgrip Strap available – and guess what – it’s an extra option ! For $850, you have to pay extra for the strap! Unbelievable!

    To think I paid less money for my first (Wetzlar) 50 Summicron, times sure have changed … Come on Leica, cut the price and bundle the grip with the strap!

    ref: https://us.leica-camera.com/Photography/Leica-SL/Accessories-Equipment

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