Leica M3 vintage replica camera tins for sale

I have some of these vintage Leica M3 replica camera tins for sale:

Select quantity ($5 s&h will be added to the total)

Additional information:

  • Made from printed tin with a removable top (obviously not a real camera)
  • Dimensions including lens (W x D x h): 138mm x 71mm x 77mm
  • Free shipping worldwide

Note: As part of the printed tin, this Leica M3 replica camera has several imperfections/signs of wear to simulate a vintage look. These are not defects - please take a look at the attached product pictures (click for larger view).

You can use the camera tin to store candy, film, pens, cash and more:

leica-m3-vintage-replica-camera-tin-1 leica-m3-vintage-replica-camera-tin-2 leica-m3-vintage-replica-camera-tin-5 leica-m3-vintage-replica-camera-tin-6
The Leica M3 vintage replica camera tin compared to a "real" Leica MP:


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