New wave of rumors about the next Leica M camera emerge

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There is a new wave of rumors about the upcoming Leica M digital rangefinder, here is the recap:

  • A special event is rumored to take place in October/November (something probably related to a Leica Fest in Wetzlar? One of the dates I heard was around November 20th)
  • Shipping will start in Spring of 2017
  • CMOS sensor
  • 36MP is a possibility
  • External EVF (the camera will still have classical mechanical rangefinder)
  • Small(er) overal size
  • Previous rumors suggested dedicated ISO-wheel/dial and a slightly bigger LCD screen
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  • N1ck

    No joke?!

  • Glass095

    In an infinite time scale, there has to be a new M, right? Meanwhile, lets keep the rumors going…

    • papabear

      Yes new M soon please!

  • Paul

    Me wants the precious…

  • Daryl

    Those beautiful lenses will shine on a 36mp sensor, please Leica gives us a big increase in DR.

  • Gavin Pitts

    I’ll be so pleased if they have kept the optical rangefinder. It’s what makes the M different than anything else out there and makes the experience for me.

    • MdB

      Yeah pretty sure it wouldn’t be a M without it. Considering they have 4 current ‘standard’ M’s currently in market I doubt they are ditching the M or the rangefinder. They have other products for those wanting an EVF.

      • CHD

        No…they don’t have ‘other products for those wanting an EVF’. They don’t have an M/Q type body with built in EVF and that is what I want.

        • Vernon Szalacha

          I think the rangefinder as optical viewfinder and switch (ala X100) to Leica SL EVF would be awesome. But I’ve been hearing that one of the most desired features is keeping the body slim (like an M6) so I don’t know if the EVF would fit.

  • Seven_Spades

    I would like to see a new T with a built in viewfinder at this event. If Leica did that we would have the digital equivalent of a Contax G.

    • MdB

      We don’t already?

      • Brennan McKissick

        No, because the T in its current form sucks and the Q doesn’t have interchangeable lenses.

        • MdB

          I mean we don’t already have a digital equivalent of a Contax G?

          • We don’t. Fujifilm do.

          • MdB

            What’s this ‘we’ business? Contact AFAIK was never a Leica and are now defunct. A digital equivalent of a Contax G was what was asked for, not a Leica that is like a digital Contax G.

          • Um… I’ll help you along. We Leica fans do not have a digital autofocus rangefinder like the Contax G. Fujifilm fans do.

          • MdB

            *sigh* How is ‘as Leica fans’ buying a Fujifilm in the digital era as a ‘digital Contax G’ any different to buying a Contax G in the film era? Neither are a Leica. Have you been waiting for an autofocus RF from Leica since the Contax G?

          • I’m confused at your obstreperous replies. Personally care neither for the Contax G nor for the Fuji X-Pro 1/2.

            But the question was ‘We don’t already’?

            If we’re talking analogues, we don’t.

            We don’t have an exchangeable autofocus rangefinder camera. If a person wants the closest thing to a Contax G, there is only one choice, and that is the X-Pro. Sure, it’s not a rangefinder, but it is the closest thing in the digital age to the ergonomic and functional feature set of the Contax G.

            Your answer was to the statement: ‘If Leica did that we would have the digital equivalent of a Contax G’, which I disagree with, primarily because the Q doesn’t exchange lenses. You know this of course.

            The Q with an optical viewfinder would be more like any number of autofocus rangefinder-style film cameras lacking interchangeable lenses. It’s quite simple really.

  • Charles

    Probably not significantly different to the M240, which has plenty of shooting life left in it.
    If there had been a hybrid optical/electronic viewfinder-rangefinder, it may have been more tempting.
    Yes, the OVF and rangefinder are intrinsic to the M design.
    However, an integrated hybrid OVF/EVF could have brought a lot of functionality to the M without impacting on its more traditional usage.
    A separate EVF as a design concept is akin to the Leica III-series’ seperate viewfinder and rangefinder.
    An integrated OVF/EVF would’ve been a concept akin to the design advance of the M3… except that a competitor has already made that innovation long ago.

  • My body is ready.

  • Patric Shaw

    can’t wait to see what they do

  • Brennan McKissick

    Everything about this sounds good except for 36mp. I’d rather keep 24mp and get better DR than have 50% more mp. If they are gonna boost it then go to 28mp or something just to say it’s increased. This looks like it’ll be a hit if it has all that and is smaller.

    • those are just rumors, not even reliable rumors

      • YourFace

        let a man dream.

  • Bo Dez

    I hope so. 36MP would be incredible.

    • Charles

      I drool at the thought of a Monochrom with 36 MP.

    • Micheal Jennings

      I second that, 36Mp would be sweet. I would definitely invest in one.

  • Al

    I’m an M & X user who is just ready to buy a Q, but after this news I think I’ll wait & see!

  • Mark

    Excellent news, but I have one question. After the recent slew of limited edition M240s (Ara Guler, etc.) is there anyone left after from the cleaner at Leitz Park left to make a limited edition for? Worrying times for the special edition Leica’s that only a few people want to buy…

  • Ric Ricard

    I’d be content with 24mp if they just give me a Sony a6000 style buffer where I can pretty much shoot endlessly without thinking about the buffer. I’m not even sure the rangefinder can nail focus precisely at 36mp.

  • I’m not sure I need more resolution, but what I would like is no banding noise in the shadows or at high ISO and for the love of Bob, bulb exposure longer than 60 seconds!

  • Jaap Vle

    Thinner? I doubt it There is a rumour of “3.8 mm thinner” bandied about. To me that sounds suspisciously like the thumbwheel was dropped with the body exactly the same thickness as all other digital M cameras…

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