You can still buy a refurbished Leica M9-P camera with black ostrich leather in Germany

You can still buy this "exclusive" refurbished Leica M9-P camera with black ostrich leather and 1 year warranty at Meister Camera in Germany (locations in Hamburg, Berlin and Munich).

In the US, the M9 has been sold out for few months now, but you can still get a brand new Leica M-E on eBay for $4,484.69. On the used market M9 cameras sell for under $3,000 - check out the current listings at Amazon, B&H, Adorama and KEH.

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  • James Donahue

    I wonder what kind of cut oop’s the Ostrich gets

    • Heinz

      It isn’t real Ostrich leather. It’s man made.

      • CHD

        Genuine Nogahide.

  • tjholowaychuk

    Pretty twisted that people would ever want something dead on their camera.

    • CHD

      As opposed to something dead on their feet?

  • Chan Kok Leong

    I have placed an order weeks ago and disappointed to receive a refurbished M9-P in normal leather instead of Ostrich look-a-like leather which is stated in their advertisement.
    A real disappointment and felt cheated. Have wrote in to Leica and yet to hear from them. My regret is that I bought directly through internet from Germany Leica bypass the local agent thus cannot seekbhelp from them.
    Really felt cheated and helpless.
    Any advise on seeking Leica to honor their sale in M9-P black, with black Ostrich leather would deliver a M9-P in black Ostrick leather?
    Please help.

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