More Leica TL pictures leaked online

leica-tl-mirrorless-camera-3 leica-tl-mirrorless-camera-4
A few more pictures of the upcoming Leica TL mirrorless camera leaked online. I was told that the new model will not have any major/significant upgrades or any new technology/features from the previous Leica T (Typ 701) version, hence the same form factor. The TL will have a new/updated firmware (probably related to the previously rumored 1.6 firmware update). The built-in memory of the new model will be 32GB (vs. 16GB in the previous version). The new TL will be available in three different colors: black anodized, silver anodized and titanium color (not made from titanium).



Via Digicame-info

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  • Brennan McKissick

    One of these days Leica will get the APS-C line right.

    • CHD

      Leica should ignore the APS-C line altogether…why bother???

      • Les

        Making small high quality cameras is in Leica’s corporate DNA. Why stop now, they’ve been doing this for almost 100 years.

        • sperdynamite

          Actually they made a small, low-quality camera. The components speak for themselves. Wrapping the cost-saving parts in aluminum doesn’t hide it’s many flaws.

      • Brennan McKissick

        Eh, I mean, I can see a place for it in their product line. It’s a compact entry level system to get people into the brand and/or the TL line. But that means they’d have to come up with lenses that 1) are small and 2) aren’t stupid kit lenses with 3.5-5.6 variable apertures or stop down like that 23mm “Summicron” does. There are so many issues with the current APS-C offering that they might as well scrap it and start over.

  • Hogarth Ferguson

    The digital viewfinder is so ugly, just add it into the body

  • Amin Deroui

    Why everyone is so upset about the Leica T?
    It’s a wonderful camera in my opinion. In my opinion is a great street camera, very fun to use and versatile. You can use the TL, SL lenses as well as all the legendary M and R lenses. The aluminum body, the look and the feel are just beautiful. Why the EVF is not in the body? Well, yes! that one I agree. I wish the EVF was integrated but quite honestly it doesn’t bother me at all (the price yes 🙁 .
    The latest firmware 1.5 has turned this camera in a totally different camera since its launch. I’m hoping the upcoming firmware 1.7 will even improve this beauty.

    • Valdo

      Fully agree with you, but for me the only reason not to buy the camera is the missing internal EVF. The 35mm TL lens is a dream

    • sperdynamite

      I think the problem is that all an average “Leica buyer” would have wanted was some version of the Q, sized down with interchangeable lenses. An internal EVF, and external controls and this would have been received very differently. As it is now, well, there are too many zooms, and everything costs too much. The sensor was feeling it’s age at launch, now it’s even worse in comparison to much cheaper cameras.

      • Les

        I doubt that the “average Leica buyer” complains that “everything costs too much.”

        That’s just you, but you aren’t average, so no harm done.

        • sperdynamite

          I might just say, scoreboard. Considering how big a flop the T has been for Leica clearly potential buyers really are considering that you’re not getting what you pay for. And again, I’ll repeat, I have no problem with expensive things, they just need to be worth the money you pay for them. The M is worth it. The T is a polished turd.

          • Les

            Its not that expensive in today’s market, sorry to inform you.
            Others charge more for an APS-C camera that takes the “H” out of “Human-machine interface.”

            You will argue that the lenses are expensive, but that’s always the case with good glass. The difference is Leica doesn’t sell disposable kit lenses.

          • sperdynamite

            I would say now that the T is price correctly at $1095.00. I think a kit with the 23 should have been about $1,600-1,800 at launch as a kit. People forget that this would have STILL be significantly more expensive than any other similar model on the market, but of course that’s less than half of what Leica wanted initially. Somehow they thought the T should be more expensive than what you can get a used M 240 with a Zeiss lens for ($4000). The lenses are pricey and probably nicely made…but are they better than the competition? I’m not sure they make a single lens that is better than a comparable Fujinon. The 23mm is a variable aperture prime which doesn’t help it’s case against either of Fuji’s 23mm lenses. Then for Sony you can get the excellent Zeiss Touit primes.

          • Les


            You sound like you are about to talk yourself into buying it!
            For everyone’s sake, don’t. I’ll bet you are just as unnecessarily militant when praising a product as you are when slamming a product you’ve never used.

    • Brennan McKissick

      I don’t have an issue with the T aside from the lack of an EVF, the lack of external controls, the sensor (not the size, but the quality) and the lack of lenses that would fit the form factor of the body. If they could integrate an EVF in, put in a few external controls aside from the dials on top of the camera and put in a modern Sony APS-C sensor this thing would be great. They could even get away with not coming out with a range of small primes and sell people on the M and R lens adapters instead. The touch screen is fine for a lot of controls but having some tactile buttons would be nice to more easily navigate the camera.

  • Steven Kornreich

    I have to assume that it would have cost Leica to much money to reengineer a solid slab of aluminum to include an EVF. Who knows.
    If the new TL had an EVF, 20-24mb APS-C sensor I would have purchased it. Oh well for now I will stick with my SL, which I love.

    • Rosa Michaels

      EVF ? , No .
      What this model needs is an LCD at least as large and as good as an iPhone 7 Plus .

  • Setiawan

    The reason I bought my T is because it had the same sensor as my Sony nex 5n if paired w m glasses produce a very special pop up 3D image quality only exist on M9. However w much disappointment those special image quality is not there on T. It is my hope that through the firmware update I can see same same 3D pop up image quality on the T. By the way I still keep y loved and unbeatable Sony nex 5n which I use for Bw. Just wanna share my thoughts. Thank you

  • T Woo

    oh well oh well…….come on leica…. enough recycle and sp editions

  • ZMWT

    This is good. Keep the same form factor, to use same old accessories. The shape and look of the external EVF is irrelevant, but can be tailored to a more ‘blend-in’ into overall look of the camera. Regardless, this is very good news.

    • Steve Lane

      Great to see Leica continuing with their support of the TL system. I have been looking around for a new interchangeable lens system and this will be where I put my money

  • Enche Tjin

    It may not be successor to Leica T. Just a change of name and minor upgrade. Leica decided to change T system to TL when they announce 35mm and 60mm TL lenses.

  • DouglasGottlieb

    In body EVF like a Fuji XE please

  • malaysiansatay

    Have to say that the user interface have changed.

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