CMOSIS announced a new 48MP full frame CMOS sensor

CMOSIS announced the industry’s first global shutter 48MP CMOS full frame sensor that supports 8k image resolution at 30 fps. Why did I post this here? CMOSIS is the sensor supplier for the Leica M Typ 240 cameras. It is still hard for me to believe that the new Leica M will have a 48MP sensor.

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  • Bo Dez

    I can only hope. Pleeeeeeease Leica. Pleeeeeeeease.

  • El Aura

    This sensor is larger than FF. It measures 27.6 x 36.4 mm and has a 4:3 aspect ratio. If you cut it down to 24 x 36 mm, you’d get 41 MP. CMOSIS could certainly sell a 24 x 36 mm sensor based on this sensor. Whether Leica feels the need to pay for a global shutter is another question.

  • Jerome Ibanes

    more pixels don’t make people better photographers.

    • Teemu Kustila

      More pixels don’t make people worse photographers either.

  • David V. Kutaliya
  • eric

    48mp might seem a lot now but who knows in 3yrs. if leica uses this in new m, it will definitely future proof it for a lot longer…they could always offer different modes in camera, like 48, 36, or 24.

  • David V. Kutaliya

    I think that for new M camera is more important to have new joystick or functional wheel with presses at right/left/top/bottom to have option to select focus area settings and use joystick to move this focus point to desired position.
    Otherwise, we always lose important millimeters or part of this millimeters when we are focusing with NOCTILUX or SUMMILUX.
    Of course, with the possibility of increasing this point.

    • Andrew Gemmell

      The M is rangefinder. Not really sure how choosing a focus points works as you have described?

      • Charles

        The M240 is a rangefinder with Liveview and an EVF.
        A joystick could select the point magnified in the viewfinder fo r manual focus.
        The function would make even more sense if a future M had an integrated electro-optical rangefinder.

        • Andrew Gemmell

          Ahhh….right. I forgot it had an EVF that could be attached. Never used an M240.

          Personally have zero interest in electro optical rangefinder.

          • David V. Kutaliya

            I mean possibility of focusing and magnification using the integrated joystick directly on the LCD screen, not through the viewfinder. No doubt that this is possible and it will soon implemented.

          • Les

            I would not be surprised if the next M used the S/SL interface with 4 buttons around the screen, a joystick and a thumb wheel.
            It’s a lot easier to switch between cameras if they all work the same way.

          • David V. Kutaliya

            I do not exclude such possibility.

          • Charles

            Interesting point, Les.
            It would make a lot more sense to keep people within the Leica ecosystem if the ergonomics were more similar between models.
            Ergonomics are so critical to camera use and are usually underestimated in camera evaluations.
            I love the M ergonomics (apart from the weight… need to get back to M3 form factor).
            I like the manual aperture ring, focus and exposure dial. ISO is the only other exposure setting I’d really like to see implemented as a dedicated dial.
            Apart from that, there is no reason why the next M couldn’t have the S/SL’s LCD and four-button menu layout.
            Most users of the SL, though, would probably regard the joystick as one of the SL’s greatest assets. I’m not sure that it would add much functionality to the M.

  • willief

    Of course, this is a 4:3 ration, not 3:2 that Leica uses.

  • Andrew Gemmell

    Someone MR feels a sensor this size and capability would be about €3500 each! Maybe only Leica would feel comfortable incorporating this sensor in their products!

  • Andrew Gemmell

    At €3500 per sensor that someone over at MR mentioned means it’s a VERY expensive camera!

  • cnick6

    I hate to burst everyone’s bubble but they clearly state the purpose of this sensor in the press release: The CMV50000 is expected to replace high pixel-count charge-coupled device (CCD) image sensors used in machine-vision cameras and high-end security cameras.

    This will likely be used in a high-end video camera system and/or security products. I don’t think we’ll see this in a “digital camera” any time soon.

    • Les

      That’s correct, it’s a specialized industrial sensor, not a general-purpose consumer sensor. Nevertheless, it shows what CMOSIS is capable of.

      I expect that a future M or SL sensor will trade-away some resolution and read speed in favor of more dynamic range, color accuracy, sensitivity, and lower power use.

      • cnick6

        Oh yeah I agree. I think it’s promising for them. My best guess is that the next “M” model will include a 36MP sensor. That’s about as high as I would expect from Leica. If they do go that high then I really hope they include support for UHS-II performance. Just imagine Leica portrait and landscape shots at 36MP… dreamy!

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