Leica Sofort cameras and Monochrom instant film pack now in stock

The new Leica Sofort Monochrom instant film pack is now in stock at B&H. Leica Sofort cameras are also in stock at B&H (orange), Adorama (white) and Amazon (orange & mint).

Here is a Leica Sofort camera unboxing video:

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  • James Donahue

    Did I read that right, $1.59+ per print? Not on my watch.

    • Cheaper than Impossible film. I have an old SX-70 Alpha, the first model, and lately it’s gathering dust mostly because of price of film. Quite an expensive hobby.
      Btw, my wife loves this Sofort.

    • Simon

      The Fuji-branded film is a bit cheaper. It’s possibly even exactly the same film anyway. The Leica film may just be rebadged with your typical Leica markup.

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