Handevision IBERIT full frame lenses for Leica M mount: US pricing revealed

Last week I reported that the new Handevision IBERIT full frame lenses for Leica M mount will start shipping in December. Adorama and B&H already has the lenses listed for pre-order on their website and the pricing is as follow:

Additional information:

  • The three IBERIT lenses are available also for Leica SL/TL camera/mount.
  • All IBERIT lenses are available in black and silver.
  • IBERIT lenses are jointly developed by KIPON and German lens manufacturer IB/E OPTICS GmbH.
  • The 90mm f/2.4 lens will ship in January 2017. There is no information on the 24mm lens.
  • It seems that all IBERIT M lenses are rangefinder coupled and already 6-bit coded as you can see from the pictures below:


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  • MdB

    This is really exciting for lots of reasons, these are the first complete range of rangefinder coupled lenses from an alternate brand for a long time. Unlike ZM’s (and some earlier voigtlanders) these seem to be designed for digital from the start, they are coded, they can be adapted to other systems, they are relatively low cost.

    Will there be better lenses out there? Sure! But these really do fill some gaps in what is currently available in the non-Leica sphere for those of us who love shooting a rangefinder and therefore shoot a Leica because it’s the only digital option, not necessarily ‘because’ it’s a Leica.

    • Now we just need a cheap digital rangefinder 🙂

      • MdB

        My ‘cheap’ digital rangefinder is my lovely M-E. The downside being the lack or modernity, M 240’s will plummet in value once the M10 comes out, but seriously, a real alternative would be a must buy for me.

        • Same here, I recently got the M-E after I sold my M9 a while back (big mistake). Never liked the M 240, but the M10 looks promising.

          • MdB

            I actually prefer the M-E over the M9 though as well. M10 does look promising. Honestly think a MM (original) is all I really need.

      • MdB

        I’m actually trialling a cheap Nikon Df with MF lenses as a cheaper and more well rounded alternative (manual style camera) to my M-E. It doesn’t feel as nice and bulkier, RF dot thing is a piece of junk, but have a split prism arriving in the next day or so. On the plus sides is it can be AF if it needs to, lenses are far more plentiful and don’t require external VF’s as soon as you move out of 28-90mm range (less for many people). High ISO is massively improved as is the rear screen, the excess controls can be mostly ignored.

        The viewfinder is small and dim by comparison, there is VF blackout and it is noisy with the flapping mirror. It’s smaller than many other DSLRs but in an awkward and kind of ugly and uncomfortable way. On the plus the minimum focus distances are far more useful and flexible.

        The Df cost me ~$1200USD the M-E cost me ~$2000USD. I can’t decide which I am going to keep, but I’m only keeping one. Will know better once the split prism arrives.

        • I also had the Df and just recently sold it 🙂

          • MdB

            Well I hate to say this to someone who has a preference for Nikon, but I can’t stand it’s colours, nor my previous Nikon the D700. Just not my taste at all. The handling needs work, but I think that a JB Design grip might make up for that. Auto ISO gets around the AWFUL ISO dial mostly. While the high ISO is decent, it isn’t earth shattering and at normal viewing sized isn’t any better than my high resolution bodies.

            M-E just has incredible files that just have that special something, it just has a much much much smaller shooting envelope. Having a TAP with A7R II in tandem makes up for this a fair bit though.

            Did you use a split prism with it? I am only really using it as a MF setup.

  • MdB

    A couple of additions to your notes above:

    – Didn’t they say 4 finishes? 2 black and 2 silver (basically shiny and matte)
    – They aren’t coded, but have the notches for enabling you to code them
    – The 24mm seems to be available for pre-order for other mounts, but Adorama pages are still a bit all over the place but it looks like the 24mm is on it’s way.

  • ZMWT

    They look cheap, to say the least.

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