Sinar announced a new Sinarback S 30|45 digital back

Sinar (a Leica company) announced a new Sinarback S 30|45 digital back:

  • Perfect live view and image control with a 3" display
  • Comfortable operation from iPhone/iPad with iOS app
  • HDMI / WLAN / USB 3.0
  • Video to HDMI recorder
  • Live view on display or tv screen
  • ISO 100 - ISO 12.500
  • 15 f-stops dynamic range
  • Maestro II image processor
  • 37.5 MP Leica CMOS-sensor
  • Swiss Made

Additional information can be found here.

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  • Brennan McKissick

    Does it have the stupid sensor from the S? LOL. This is ridiculous.

    • Adam

      The S-006 sensor was the last greatest sensor out of ALL manufacturers (color and mailability wise – within technical reason). BUT if I had to pick a worst. I would pick the S-007 sensor. Ok, maybe not the worst current sensor, but it’s pretty bad. Definitely the worst current medium format sensor out there. YES I have owned the S-007 (three bodies actually)… It’s saving grace are the S-lenses. The S lenses even make the SL sensor look decent (which I think is the worst current FF sensor on the market along with the A7II sensor – which I still believe to be the same sensor). And yes, I also have owned the SL (currently still own it actually).

      To be fair to Leica, there are a lot of things you can do to a sensor (processor upgrades etc) to make it perform better. Look at the A7s and A7sII, same sensor, marginally better IQ.

      Being a large format back.. I’d have thought Leica would have wanted to really push it by creating a large format sensor. I mean, this thing isn’t going to be cheap!!
      However, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt. Just because it’s the same MP count as the S-system. Doesn’t mean it isn’t a large sensor.. Though I doubt it.

      • MdB

        What’s wrong with the S-007 sensor? Isn’t it the same as the Sony sensor used in many other MF cameras just cut to a different size / shape?

        Is the CCD in the S2/S-006 really that good? It’s hard to find info on them and they are getting quite affordable, love the output of the M9/M-E, is it really just a scaled up version of that sensor?

        • Adam

          Colours are terrible, and the sensor isn’t clean. very similar situation to the SL sensor. I don’t understand because Leica did a good job with the M240 sensor (save for the slight yellow/green bias which is easily corrected).

          I don’t know if the S-007 sensor is a Sony sensor.. I am under the impression it isn’t. It’s not known to be if that’s what you’re asking.

          I would guess the S-006 sensor is a scaled up M9 sensor. BUT scaled up does A LOT for the sensor. And the processor, algorithms, color science is different so that helps. It really is a special sensor and if if was a reliable camera/sensor I wouldn’t have parted with my sets (plural). IMHO the S-006 cannot be beat for portrait work. It’s also quite nice for other applications as well.

          To be honest at around $4K the S-006 is a damn steal of a deal. It’s just not reliable and costly to fix if something goes wrong out of warranty. So might not be worth investing in.

          Also when you factor in the lenses.. They’re premium as well. I’d say some of the best optics I’ve held. 35/70/120 are a great kit. 45/100 also good, but don’t match each other like the 35/70/120 do. Though if you don’t need to match I prefer the 45/100 for more of a medium format look/pop. And the 35/70/120 for more of a smooth even cinematic rendering. Though the 100 can be cinematic on it’s own, just in a different way.

          • Les


            It’s unfortunate that you could not get the S007 sensor to work for you. That being said, it seems to work fine for lots of other photographers that I admire. It has great dynamic range, lots of reach at higher ISOs, and good color response.

            This Sinar was announced at Photokina, but it was drowned-out by other announcements. It will probably satisfy a lot of “tabletop” (product/food) photographers who have been asking for a tilt/shift solution from Leica.

      • Simon Goldsworthy

        The SL sensor produces excellent results and has better colours than the sensor in the Leica M. It isn’t the 24 Sony fab sensor which I’ve used in many other cameras, which has higher DR and better results at very high ISO. Despite that the sensor in the Q and the SL produces excellent results, outperforming certain other 35mm sensors such as the one in the M and those produced by canon.

        • Adam

          We can agree to disagree.

        • Boris but No Johnson

          The Leica “Max” sensors are said to be made by CMOSIS, innit?

    • John-F

      I just had a look at the specs for this new ‟large format‟ (this is Sinar after all..) digital back. It uses a 30x45mm 6 micron CMOS sensor with the Maestro II chip. In other words, it’s the sensor from the Leica S Typ 007 …

      More to the point, why would I want to use this back on my Sinar P2 instead of another back (eXact) …

  • Boris but No Johnson

    Would this be the lightest “larger than 135 but not quite medium format” mirrorless camera if used with the Leica S-lens adapter?

    • Adam


      • Boris but No Johnson

        Nonetheless a Mirrorless Leica S 😀

  • raziel28

    “Comfortable operation from iPhone/iPad with iOS app”
    What about people who do not use iOS?
    “Swiss Made”
    So what? Other countries cannot made similar product?

    • Tim

      they can, and they focus more on building a similar product to be released rather then having it working properly before announcing. german and swiss quality standards are ridiculously annoying 🙂

  • sperdynamite

    Awe they’re getting sooo close to matching the resolution of the P45 from a decade ago. Meanwhile there is the IQ3 100….

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