Rumors: Leica X Typ 113 camera is now discontinued

I received some information that the Leica X Typ 113 camera is now discontinued. Some of the models are already out of stock or on backorder at B&H and Adorama:


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  • Boris but No Johnson

    Anything to do to Sony’s decision to discontinue the 16MP APS-C?

    • Could be, but I am not sure Sony really discontinued their 16MP sensor – why would they do that if companies are still buying. This rumor just doesn’t make any sense.

      • MdB

        Because companies are buying FAR less of them than they used to and therefore ends up costing more to make.

        Saying that, the fact the ‘updated’ TL got the same sensor probably suggests there is still some volume to move of them.

        • Exactly, the new TL has 16MP and is not even shipping yet (I think). Sony will never cancel a sensor production like that and screw their existing customers. This is a really bad practice and I have hard time believing it.

          • MdB

            Well, they don’t produce sensors like that, they make them in batches and have them ready to go. The TL is hardly a volume product and I suspect they are trying to burn through remaining stocks of that sensor. They have plenty of other sensors, its progress, they stop making them eventually. Nikon, Pentax, most of Fuji line and Sony are all on much newer gen 24MP sensors, the 16MP is being flogged in low end and niche products.

            GR, X-A10, TL, X type 117 are about the only products left using this sensor. Apart from ‘maybe’ the X-A10, none of them are volume and all could be running out the old sensor. Then Fuji has a couple of models running out their X-Trans version of it (which is a special order and are likely just using up final stocks of them).

            I don’t know what you mean by ‘never cancel production like that’, how do you know companies are still ordering them? Answer: You don’t.

            When Leica and Fuji etc order those sensors, they have minimum order requirements to get a certain level of pricing, it is far far more likely that those companies are trying to burn through remaining sensor stock than they are still ‘trying to order more from Sony’.

          • I agree with you, I am just saying that it sounds very strange for companies to discontinue their products because they cannot get the 16MP sensor from Sony. Never heard the before, which is why I said I do not believe it.

      • Boris but No Johnson

        Maybe the 24MP is the new 16MP?
        Or Leica finally agrees it’s time to add a built-in viewfinder of some sort to the X-series but realises that would inevitably cannibalise the sales of Leica Q?

        • MdB

          I don’t care about the EVF, but it would be nice to have new sensor, preferably with more modern AF and touch of the Q. So new 24MP sensor and updated interface would be all it really needs.

          • Boris but No Johnson

            EVF’s handy but not a must – if there’s an OVF that will be even better. Just my opinion

    • Les

      I don’t think it’s the sensor. The X was never very popular, anybody who might buy one would probably buy a Q or T/TL instead.

      • Boris but No Johnson

        I have some kind of love/hate relationship with the X- almost pulled the trigger twice. The first one was X1, beautifully designed camera made to look like Leica I – the price and sluggish performance let it down so I bought Lumix GF1 with 14mm & 20mm prime instead. Then the X2, basically the same camera with an updated sensor – ended up getting the Zeiss Touit 12mm & 32mm with a Fuji XE2.

        But the Typ113 never quite have the same charm – huge lens defied the entire purpose and the Q is a much better package.

  • Pantechnicon

    Opportunity knocks? If Leica pull an apsc version of the Q out of the hat… Three versions, equivalents to 28,35,50mm… Suddenly they might have a big volume seller? Could well kill the T, but who would really care about that?

    • Licheus

      Anything priced at $2995 won’t have a chance on becoming a “big volume seller”.

      • Pantechnicon

        Agreed, we are talking about Leica, so ‘big volume’ would be always be relative term. If the red dot launched a mini-Q with, for example, no rear preview screen… lots of M owners would pay $3k just for the novelty of it…

  • DS

    New Sensor, Updated AF, would be nice to have a similar body to the Q (but accept that is possibly unrealistic). Not fussed about EVF. If they can improve the High ISO as well, would be nice.

  • ZMWT

    This X is the best handling, best made digital fixed lens camera for ordinary humans. If upgraded to 24MP, it could have serious cropping abilities, enabling lots of dough for 50mm and 75mm crops. A kind of Q, but for APS-C. Keep everything else same.

    • sperdynamite

      It’s absolutely the best assuming you ignore all of the other fixed lens APS-C cameras currently on the market. Unfortunately if you do consider the other options it’s the absolute worst. *shrug*

      • ZMWT

        Actually its lens is worth the asking price alone. Other APS-C fixed lens cameras — and those are 2 Fujis and one Ricoh (Nikon Coolpix A is dead, Sigmas unusable), can’t scratch the quality of this Summilux. It handles better than Fujis too, and has better battery than both Fujis and Ricoh. It is a proper camera. So yes, it is absolute best APS-C fixed lens camera, bar none.

        • sperdynamite

          Yes! Leica deserves all praise for introducing the first variable aperture prime lens! Who wants to maintain full aperture at distances of less than 1.2 meters? Chumps, that’s who! They’re just displaying their true optical prowess here, and it’s a breath of fresh air. And of course it should have a pricey, low-resolution viewfinder-dongle. That’s called courage! As for the sensor, it was abundantly clear that when Sony released the NEX-5n in 2011, that Leica MUST adopt this groundbreaking technology in 2014. True progress has been made in this space. I just can’t slow clap hard enough, really.

          • kahiri78

            Stupid comment. Obviously you are not a Leica user. Just came in here to start fire didn’t ya?

          • sperdynamite

            Leica M 240 and M4. What exactly was I wrong about? Or is the 24mm “summilux” not a variable aperture prime?

    • Pantechnicon

      Best handling? With the aperture dial on the top plate?

  • Simon

    I have a hard time even distinguishing all the small and compact cameras Leica makes. The naming schemes don’t help either. They should have a feature comparison table to make it easier!

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