Three Handevision IBERIT full frame lenses for Leica M mount are now in stock (save $724 when you buy all five)

Three of the five new Handevision IBERIT full frame lenses for Leica M mount are now in stock (available in black and silver):

The 24mm and 90mm f/2.4 lenses will ship later (probably in January 2017).


If you buy all five Handevision IBERIT lenses, you will get a discount of $724 or 24% (available also in matte black).

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  • leica man

    Looking forward to some real world samples from these lenses.

  • yes some samples would be fine!
    wanted to buy the summarit 75/2.5, what you´re all think would be make more sense except the summilux wich is to hard to afford at this time for me^^
    the summilux 50/1.4 burst my purse *sigh
    iberit sounds not that bad?!?!?!?!

    any experiences??

    • MdB

      Nobody has really used them yet unfortunately, I’ve been trying to find info for months (and actually thought they were cancelled for a long while).

      Sure there are better lenses, but with a complete line like this it really is a great opportunity to ‘fill out’ a RF set beyond a couple favourite FLs.

      I’m really interested in getting a few of these.

      • Same here, I contacted the manufacturer asking them to review some of the lenses. Never got a respond back.

        • MdB

          Maybe try Kipon?

    • Nick T. Mere

      Leica Body + Leica Lens = Ok
      Other Body + Leica Lens = Yes
      Leica Body + Other Lens = What?

      • MdB


      • sperdynamite

        Jesus christ bananas. *facepalm*

      • well i think thats a matter of taste.
        i tried a couple of lenses over the past few years and felt really comfortable with the voigtländer 35/1.4 for example, wich is an amazingly performing lens, or the zeiss 50/2.
        that works well for the beginning, if you had to spend 6k for a body and don’t have another 3-6k for another two lenses to get started from the house brand, when you´re not rich but rather have to work hard for what you really want for your profession.
        so then from time to time i replace a cheaper lens, last the 50 zeiss to the 50 lux…. now i´m broke again, but want to fill my lens set from 15/(21)/35/50/(75)/90 to continue my work.
        i know of course that the leica lenses mostly work extreme awesome, but sometimes i really get surprised from other companies doing an impressive work,too.
        when you see things in live in a too extreme way, you´re not performing good as a human team player. you have to think outside the box from time to time. thats why i´m getting better and better and smarter instead of other´s.

        and for now, i just wanna have fun with it, thats what passion is about. feeling it?

      • George

        After thorough testing of 3 different samples (and wanting desperately to love the Summicron), I bought a Zeiss f2 35mm Biogon for my Leicas. It is better is almost every way to the 35mm Summicron.

  • Ric Ricard

    Agree with previous posters. The lenses look physically beautiful. Curious to see how they render an image. My guess, is that they will be very, very good optically. I think computer technology has made it easy for a lot of companies to produce low cost, high quality lenses.

    • MdB

      Exactly, plus none of the overly-ambitious f-ratios with these that cheaper lens makers have been trying to do (Handevision included), so these ‘should’ perform really well.

  • Brennan McKissick

    I have a v2 90mm Summicron that’s huge and heavy and I’ve always wanted a tele elmarit (older one) to replace it but this 90mm looks decent for the price.

  • eric

    ironically the original leicas used by cartier-bresson and other greats were not the best optically. softness/blur in lenses used to be coveted among real photographers who made art. wasnt til like the 90’s leica became obsessed with optical quality/sharpness. something cartier-bresson once mocked “sharpness is a bourgeoisie concept.” i think im going to try out the 50mm lens, looks cool

    • CHD

      Here’s the thing….if you’re a good photographer with a poor lens you’re still a good photographer with a sharp lens…
      In other words…all things being equal you’re always better off with the best you can afford….unless you’re one of those guys who actually sucks and just does cat photos, in which case there’s no amount of money that will help you.

      • eric

        no. henri cartier-bresson was super rich. he could have afforded better lenses and cameras than leica at the time but he liked how they were made and how the lenses weren’t perfect. big difference between making great photos and being obssessed with tech bs. hence my comment by him, “sharpness is a bourgeoise concept.” he didnt believe optical sharpness mattered and shunned better equipment.

        • MdB

          Who cares? Do you think that ‘shunning’ it makes you somehow better?

          • eric

            cartier-bresson is one of the most famous and respected photographers of all time. you’re free to disagree with his approach.

          • CHD

            We’re not children here, we all understand who Cartier-Bresson was. As Brennan pointed out you’re missing the point. Besides, if you don’t care about quality then why would you waste your time on a Leica forum. Go buy yourself a cheap camera with a cheap lens and revel in the character from all the cheapness.

        • Brennan McKissick

          You’re misinterpreting the quote entirely. I didn’t mean sharpness as in optical quality, he meant sharpness as in catching the subject perfectly still. He cared more about the moment than whether the subject was perfectly in focus or didn’t have any motion blur.

    • Les


      Everything you wrote is a fabrication. Everything.

      The original Leica lenses were very competitive for their time. The people who claim that they weren’t good are comparing used/abused examples to much later lenses. Look at vintage prints if you don’t believe me.

      Leica was famous for lens quality well before the 1990s. The 50 Summicron came out 30 years earlier and was always considered a world-beater. The company was considered to be more conservative than the Japanese makers (fewer ultra-wides, super-telephotos, ultra-fast lenses), but they had the best “optical quality/sharpness.”

      You have completely misunderstood (and misspelled) “sharpness is a bourgeois concept.” It’s not a technical evaluation of lenses! HCB was working with 35mm film and hand-held shots in difficult conditions, at a time when the dominant esthetic consisted of large format cameras working on tripods, and careful composition. He considered sharpness to be bourgeois because it was what was expected of a photographer. He felt that his role, and that of his generation, was to break away from bourgeois (meaning conventional/established) photography.
      Like all groundbreaking artists, his work represented a clear break from what was popular at the time. Part of what you misunderstood is that photographers should still be fighting the old battles from 90 years ago. Ironically, doing that makes you bourgeois because you are clinging to the past.

      • eric

        you’re free to register your own opinion. but attacking me for registering mine is pointless. i believe what i believe. i am not a part of the establishment. intelligent people have different understandings and interpretations of quotes, history, other things. im glad you have youre own opinion, but it has nothing to do with mine. have you ever looked at henri cartier-bresson prints? they’re absolutely grainy, blurry, imperfect, flawed. of course the lenses he used werent the best at the time. he was an artist. my point was he valued the photo over the technical aspects of the gear. Almost every photographer i know today is obsessed with the quality of the gear they use, not the actually value of the photo they take. Thats the bourgeois establishment, im not a part of it. I dont think you understand what photography is about at all. But like i said in the beginning, youre free to have a different opinion.

        • Les


          You can hold whatever opinion you want. The problem is when you present your poorly researched opinion as fact. Every claimed fact in your comment was wrong. That bugs me because others will read it and assume that there’s a little bit of truth in it. There isn’t.

          I’ve seen many HCB prints first hand. I was fortunate enough to see the massive retrospective at the Centre Pompidou two years back, but I also saw the previous retrospective in the early 90s that only had few stops in North America (I saw it at the National Gallery of Canada). That earlier show featured a lot more vintage prints. Yes, they were grainy, and they were printed flat (low contrast, probably because they were destined for reproduction), something which was remedied in the contemporary prints at the Pompidou.
          That doesn’t mean the lenses were poor, it’s just the way HCB shot, the materials he used, and the way the prints were made. The original 5cm Elmar compares very well to modern lenses, something that was emphasized when they ran a new batch for the O Series in the 90s.

    • Brennan McKissick

      Leica has always been known for their optical quality. What are you talking about? You’re misinterpreting the quote entirely. He didn’t mean sharpness as in optical quality, he meant sharpness as in catching the subject perfectly still. He cared more about the moment than whether the subject was perfectly in focus or didn’t have any motion blur. That whole bit went right over your head apparently.


      Hilarious exchange! Congratulations on your thoroughly bourgeois fact based truthy opinions!

  • cnick6

    Folks there are samples on YouTube (albeit limited examples) but a German photographer reviews the 75mm version. It looks quite good. I was tempted to spring for the 50mm version (since I don’t have a 50mm) but the lack of built-in focus tab really bums me out. It really does help focusing on the Leica M. I know there’s a 3rd party solution but a rubber ring around a [high quality] lens looks tacky. Yes it does work, as I have one for my APO Summicron 75mm ASPH but really wish Leica included them by default.

    • carnagex2000

      Theres also a few companies that make custom made tabs for different lenses. I know a few different pro-leica japanese camera stores sell them, but I have not found any online that are in the USA. The closest I’ve found is from JustTabIt:

      • cnick6

        Yeah thanks Carn. I actually bought the tab from Leica directly. It wasn’t too expensive. I was going to look at installing it with some kind of epoxy/adhesive but haven’t pulled the trigger on that yet. Leica actually uses two small screws in their focus tabs. If I was really brave, I could disassemble the lens and drill the holes and install it but I’m not there yet! I have heard of a few “experts” that will do things like this so I’ll check that out and see how much it costs. I am OK with the rubber focus tab for now. I’m very tempted to buy the APO 50 ASPH but my credit card company would smack me (again!)

  • Xiaoming Zhang

    Hi Guys,this is Xiaoming ,CEO from KIPON,I’m also a Leica fans,can you suggest someone good at shooting with Leica,or send us your blogs,we need our IBERIT lens testers

    • I emailed your company about that and never got a response back.

    • Brennan McKissick

      I’d be interested in checking a few out.

    • I shoot with a Zeiss ZM, obviously on film. Don’t know if I can be of any help, but I’d like to. is my (not much updated) website, and FullContrast is my Instagram account (most photos taken with a Leica Q).

    • Hi. I am interested in testing the 35/2.4 in particular. My review of the M262 from last year:

      Contact form and link to more images on my site.

    • Nathan Wright

      I’m more than interested. Find both my organic stuff and set pieces (I’m a commercial still life photographer) at:

      Many thanks

    • cnick6

      I’m not a professional but would love to try out one of your lenses on my Leica 240 M-P for a few weeks. I could send it to another person from the list here or send it back to a US dealer, etc.

    • Fiatlux

      Damn, I knew I had to work on a blog… 😉

      I have not a lot of pictures in the public space but you can find some of mine here (mostly old ones):

      I’d love testing some of your lenses on my M9 and share the results on Internet. I am quite active on the chassimages forum, from the #1 photo magazine in France.

    • DouglasGottlieb

      Where can we write? Thanks for making these!

    • tthorne

      Instagram – @dna_image

    • DMR

      Instagram – ‘@dmreeves’

      I shoot with a Leica M9, M Monochrom, and two film M bodies. I’d be interested to review a 50mm or 90mm across all three platforms – color digital, B&W digital, and film (color and B&W) for what it’s worth.

      Best regards,

    • cnick6

      Any MTF charts available?

      • Xiaoming Zhang

        we will post it in our website next week,pls take a look for your reference

    • Rotating Beater Shaft

      Hi, Mr. Zhang,

      Here’s a link to my site, I hope you like it.


  • Test

  • i´d love to do that!! traveling to bali, new zealand and japan the next half a year, great to test them well with a 240! 😀

  • Xiaoming Zhang

    thank you,we took a view about your photos today,there are several good photographers ,we will contact you

  • Bo Dez

    These look really good. I will wait to see samples but I may be the entire set at these prices.

  • Xiaoming Zhang

    Hi ,We made a choice for 6 persons and sent message or email to them already,pls reply ,and we registerd a account handevision_lens at instagram,you can add us.we still have 4 lens can be send to candidate.

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