Israel in the summer

ginosar__77_pierre_alivon_62 tel_avi__01_pierre_alivon_07 tel_avi__08_pierre_alivon_11 tel_avi__10_pierre_alivon_13 tel_avi__20_pierre_alivon_21 tel_avi__21_pierre_alivon_22 tel_avi__30_pierre_alivon_29 Israel in the summer
Israel in the summer by Pierre Alivon

I went to Israel this summer and decided to visit the North of the country (Tel Aviv, Haifa, Acre, Sea of Galilee, Tiberias) in addition to Jerusalem. These cities are particularly timeless, remarkable, and full of history and spirit. To better reflect this feeling I chose to apply an Adobe Lightroom color treatment to all my pictures in Israel. With my Leica MP 240 camera and 35 Summicron lens I put a priority to work with 1/1000 shutter speed and f/5.5 most of the time (automatic ISO). Due to heavy temperatures in Israel (sometimes above 42° in Sea of Galilee area), I had some challenges with condensation as I often had to go from air-conditioned areas to the extreme hot weather outside - but I am happy with the result I got and I had a wonderful experience:

Israel in the summer tel_avi__27_pierre_alivon_26 tel_avi__23_pierre_alivon_24 tel_avi__18_pierre_alivon_19 tel_avi__15_pierre_alivon_17 tel_avi__12_pierre_alivon_15 tel_avi__11_pierre_alivon_14 tel_avi__09_pierre_alivon_12 selection__06_pierre_alivon_06 selection__05_pierre_alivon_05 selection__04_pierre_alivon_04 selection__02_pierre_alivon_02 selection__01_pierre_alivon_01 haifa__59_pierre_alivon_51 haifa__39_pierre_alivon_33 ginosar__85_pierre_alivon_68 ginosar__84_pierre_alivon_67 ginosar__83_pierre_alivon_66 ginosar__80_pierre_alivon_65 ginosar__75_pierre_alivon_61 acre__55_pierre_alivon_48 acre__54_pierre_alivon_47 acre__53_pierre_alivon_46 acre__49_pierre_alivon_42 acre__47_pierre_alivon_40 acre__45_pierre_alivon_39 acre__42_pierre_alivon_36 acre__40_pierre_alivon_34
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  • Simon

    Israel in illegally occupied Palestine…

    • Rob

      Such a shame that the Palestinians hate Jews more than they love their own children. Wasted generations. But, I suppose this is all the by product of launching 5 wars in 60 years aimed at annihilating Israel. They get tired of trying to make peace with the Arabs. If only the Arabs would put down their arms, there’d be peace tomorrow. If the Israelis layed down their arms they’d be slaughtered. Time to extend a hand now and secure a state in exchange for peace.

      • Charles

        Arafat had the opportunity decades ago and declined: if a political party derives its power from ceaseless violence, its elites have no motive to end the conflict. Why else are there rockets persistently fired from Gaza: because generating conflict is how Hamas obtains domestic power.
        Pity to politicise a photography forum, though.

        • Rob

          Agree on politicization of photography forum (done by Simon under the guise of his photos) and agree on Arafat. Also,same with Abbas on offer from Olmert: never responded to an even better deal than one offered at Camp David!
          One part of the problem is that the Palestinians are ruled by a clan structure. So much $ has been given to the “leaders” who have then pirated funds down the family lines to brothers, cousins, etc. . . . No strong leadership nor motivation to form a state and government. Also, any Palestinian leader who makes peace is likely to be assassinated. A lot has to change.

          • Simon

            You agree this forum should censure politics but then posted a strongly political comment?

          • Rob

            Yes. I responded to your politicization of the discussion.

    • Geo

      We’re talking photography here, not politics.

      • Simon

        Is there really a difference? Is anything not political? I’m no fanatic but I was prompted to post the images as an alternative view to what I saw as a fairly glorified set of images, in the shadow of a newsworthy UN resolution. Also to promote thoughtful discourse.

        This is what photography is or should be about. All views and sides are welcome. Fanatasism and violence are not.

        I have nothing to do with and I don’t understand the conflict in the Middle East. I was not born a violent or hateful person. But I think truth should be reflected in photography and that is probably photography’s greatest strength.

        I posted alternative images I saw on the internet that could also be classified as “Israel in Summer”. I added some excellent images I found on the internet that portrayed life, conflict, sadness. If this site can’t handle that then I wonder why they bother to cover Leica.

        • What is you problem? Why are you involving the site in all this? I did not make a single comment here. If you want to make a guest post with your own pictures, you can contact me and we can talk. This is a blog about Leica and your political comments are not welcomed here. This was your first warning.

        • Rob

          If you do not ‘understand’ the conflict, then you should probably not venture into rendering your opinion, at least until you become familiar with the issues. So, let me just leave you with this final thought: if Israel said we are leaving the settlements, do you think the Palestinians would say ‘okay, let’s make peace?’ (Remember: there were no settlements from 1948 till ‘recently’; Israel entered a moratorium for 10 months at Obama’s request and Abbas would not come to the table). No, my friend, the settlements are NOT the reason there is not peace. Rather, it has to do with Arab acceptance of the 1948 resolution of the UN separating the land into 2 countries for 2 peoples.

    • Red Dot

      I do appreciate the OP’s calm pictures and also Simon’s to see two sides of the same country (Rare to see Simon’s pictures which give scale to the magnitude of construction).

      • Simon

        Thank you! I didn’t want to reply sooner because my intention was not to inflame an argument or comment-war but to simply do that: show another side and let the images speak for themselves.

        There is always more than one side to a story.

    • Ed

      Dear Slogan-Ocuppied Simon,

      Several points you might consider.

      1] WALL: very nice images; I suspect taken by others. It went up in the late 1990’s-early 2000’s in response to an unending stream of homicide bombers unleashed by the Palestinian Authority when the deal offered would have required required ending the conflict. Easier to unleash a wave of killers killing thousands and maiming many thousands and hope for ‘the best’ (like the UN delegitimizing your foe because as we know, the Levant is full of peaceful Arab states). Try to provide yourself and others with context for events, not just your undistilled outrage that has not been tempered by a little thought.

      2] PALESTINE: look at maps before 1948. No such place actually existed in nature save what was artificially gifted to the world at the convenience of our British Colonial Office friends after WWI and as for the nationality; created in the 1920’s and 30’s. Not to say that Palestinian Arabs ought not to be free to develop their new-found nationality, but just saying.

      Many things, good, bad and ugly have transpired here, as elsewhere in the world. I doubt you’d post ‘Occupied Tibet’, ‘US-Occupied Puerto Rico’, ‘Russian Occupied Crimea and Königsberg’, ‘Polish Occupied Silesia’, ‘British Occupied Scotland’ or ‘Moroccan-Occupied Spanish Sahara’. Spend some time considering why you wouldn’t before assaulting us with your inchoate rage. If I then posted horrific images of bombed-eateries, places of worship; would Red Dot and Simon ‘appreciate’ that?

  • Geo

    I visited Israel too, travelled all over and stayed 5 weeks. Loved the country and the people and I think you made a selection of excellent pictures.

  • Kivi Shaps

    Beautiful photos. If people saw how dynamic Israel is. Amazing work, good luck.

  • well done Pierre, as usual!!

  • Thorsten Overgaard

    Very nice series 🙂

  • colonel

    Very nice
    well done

  • ManuPaganelli

    This is about great photos done in Israel so why turn it into a political discussion? There are plenty of sites for that with many pros and cons on both sides so please go there instead. Let our images do the talking instead of the mouth.

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