MS-Optics Aporis 135 mm f/2.4 Fluorit Super Apochromat lens for Leica M mount

The next lens for Leica M-mount from Mr. Miyazaki will be a MS-Optics Aporis 135 mm f/2.4 Fluorit Super Apochromat with very interesting dual coma and spherical aberration adjustment levers. Here are the specifications:

  • Ernostar-type optical formula
  • Fluorite element(s) provided by Canon Optron
  • Minimum focusing distance: 1.6m
  • Total length: 117mm (this is a long-focus lens but no a telephoto lens)
  • Maximum diameter: 60mm
  • Weight: 380g
  • Leica M mount
  • ¥148,000 (ca. $1,300) for the coupled version bundled with a 1.8x eyepiece magnifier
  • ¥128,000 (ca. $1,100) for the uncoupled version with spherical aberration and coma adjustment levers.

Thanks Licheus & Mistral75!

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