Leica M10 unboxing, additional pictures of camera and accessories

Above you can find a few Leica M10 unboxing pictures I took with my iPhone (thank you Leica Boutique Palm Beach for getting me one of the first Leica M10 in the US) and a new unboxing video from Tamarkin Camera:

Additional Leica M10 camera and accessories press photos (Leica M10 acessories pricing: B&HAdorama | Leica Store San FranciscoLeica Store Miami):

Check Leica M10 pre-orders, pricing and availability:

US Worldwide
Leica Boutique Palm Beach
Leica Store San Francisco
Leica Store Miami
Classic Connection
Meister Camera (Germany)
Reddotcameras (UK)
MKKamera (Hong Kong)
Rangefinder (Hong Kong)
9days (Hong Kong)
Map Camera (Japan)

For additional Leica M10 coverage follow the new Leica M10 Facebook group and Leica M10 Facebook page.

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  • did not even have time to upload a few sample photos – I will try to do it tomorrow

  • Maurice

    So they buried the standard M strap? That´s a good thing 🙂

    • Yes, you now get a leather strap. I like the old strap better, but this is not a big deal.

    • CHD

      I prefer the old standard M strap

      • me too

      • Brennan McKissick


  • Ajit Menon

    I was curious about a few things:
    – is it possible to turn OFF long exposure noise reduction?
    – also, what’s the dynamic range at ISO 3200 and above? The SL had serious banding with slightly under-exposed images at those ISOs as well as heavy purple blacks. Curious if this is better than the SL in any way?
    – someone mentioned the spirit level is not there but I assume it may just be hidden as a button click somewhere?

    • Let me collect some questions and I will do a Q&A post.

      • Ajit Menon

        Great! Thank you!

  • Martin Kaninsky

    Is the thumb grip included?

  • Brennan McKissick

    I’m truly jealous. Congrats. Can’t wait to see what you think of it.

  • CHD

    I think I’ve changed my opinion on the ISO dial. At first I felt it ruined the aesthetic of the top plate…but I like it.

  • CHD

    One of my biggest complaints about the M240 was the limitation on long exposures. 60secs at ISO 200, but only 8 secs at ISO 1600 and above. Does anyone know what the long exposure limits are on the M10???

    • I will start collecting all question and will do a separate post in a few days with all the answers for everyone to see, because not all read the comments.

    • Daryl

      2 minutes. Modification of time by iso, unknown.

  • eric

    who doesnt like an unboxing…i wish the cursive leica logo was on the top plate. other than that, it looks great. i feel they are going in a new direction with the m. more simplified and slowly incorporating newer tech. the only negative thing i read about the camera so far is that the images out of the m10 were flat. but thats exactly what raw dng’s are designed to do. capture as much data to tweak in post-process. if you want amazing jpegs nikon or canon is more focused on that stuff anyways. all in all, it looks like the best digital m yet.

  • sperdynamite

    Do you have an image of the frameline set relative to the new magnification?

    • I will start collecting all question and will do a separate post in a few days with all the answers for everyone to see, because not all read the comments.

  • Rocket Man

    Why does the accessory hand grip have such a thick/tall base plate?

    • Not sure – I saw it in the store and did not like. Just adding additional hight to the camera. At least if it had GPS or additional battery built-in. Did not buy it. The M9 hand grip had the same base plate as the camera’s original base plate.

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