Leica M10 support in Adobe Lightroom and Camera Raw

Adobe posted a note on their blog - the latest versions of Adobe Lightroom and Camera Raw already have support for the new Leica M10 camera (a list of all supported Leica cameras can be found here):

Lightroom CC 2015.8 / 6.8 and Camera Raw 9.8 have full raw support for the recently released Leica M10 camera. If you’re already using Lightroom CC2015.8 / 6.8 and Camera Raw 9.8, there’s no further action required and your new Leica M10 camera will work with your software.

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  • Florian

    That’s nice, but i found out, that my Lighroom 6.8 automatically activates lens correction profiles and chromatic abberations. that’s annoying, because most lenses don’t need software correction… i mean it’s leica…

  • DouglasGottlieb

    With Leica’s choice of DNG instead of a proprietary RAW, isn’t support a given?

    • Ario Arioldi

      No, it is not. At least a specific color profile for the camera is needed (Adobe Standard)

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