You can use the Ricoh GW-3 21mm wide-angle conversion lens on the Leica Q camera

According to this Facebook post posted a few weeks ago, the Ricoh GW-3 21mm wide-angle conversion lens first perfectly on the Leica Q camera. Here are two sample photos:

28mm example

28mm example

21mm example

21mm example (with Ricoh GW-3 21mm wide-angle conversion lens)

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  • Do you need only the lens? Or also the adapter? The GR needs an adapter to mount the wide converter, but its plastic thread is different than that of the Q.

    • I would presume only the GW-3 conversion lens. I use it on my RX1RII and it screws directly onto the lens’ 49mm filter thread. Results are good from F5.6 and excellent at F8. That could be different on the Q of course.

  • eric

    didnt somebody on here mention before leica may design a 35mm or 50mm converter lens for the Q?

  • Jimmy Wong

    Why would I do that to Leica glass?

  • Ric Ricard

    Too bad it actually makes the FoV wider…which is the opposite of what (I imagine) most people want from the Q.

  • ZMWT

    Ricoh’s optics, visibly, uses superior coating to that in the Leica lens. Even with much wider shot, and much more light captured, handling of tonal values is superior with the converter.
    C’mon Ricoh-Pentax! Release the FF GR or whatever FF single-lens mirrorless so we can kiss Leica Q goodbye!

    • Max

      Hear, hear! I am not sure that Ricoh has *better* optics but GR lens is pretty great. And camera is truly pocketable. A FF or MF version would be amazing.

      • ZMWT

        That is what I am hoping for; when Pentax-Ricoh team designs a fixed lens mirrorless FF camera, it will be a total knockout!

      • Licheus

        There were many lenses claimed to be “great”, but the 28/2.8 GR lens (A modified Biogon, 7 elements in 4 groups, with 2 aspherical surfaces) on the original GR1 was truly one of the most advanced and best 28mm lens designed in the 1990’s – on par with if not better than the contemporary (and current) Leica M-Elmarit 28/2.8 ASPH.

  • Ata Mohammad Adnan

    Really wish there were more examples!

  • Matt Random

    Are there any good telephotos converters for the Q?

    • have not seen any

  • Enche Tjin

    Will this converter covers full frame sensor of Q?

  • Jay

    Would it work on the Leica X?

    • Not sure, does the Leica X have the same thread on front of the lens?

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