Leica M10 available on eBay for a premium

There are several listings on eBay for new Leica M10 cameras priced at almost $9,000 (or £5,999.99 for the UK) - a significant premium over the MSRP of $6,595.

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  • eric

    i knew this would happen, considering demand is high and its not in stock anywhere. smart actually. with the extra money you can buy another m10 for half the price.

  • John Barbiaux

    Been this way for a few weeks… warranty issues if purchased this way??

  • ZMWT

    eBay is full of lunatics. Hope no one will fall into their traps.

    • John Barbiaux


  • Jimmy Wong

    Yup, most if not all the listings are from China. No shock there.

  • tomnewtn


  • Eloise

    The U.K. Price (£5,995) you commented on is only a few hundred over U.K. retail price…

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