Leica M10 camera to be added to the à la carte program in the next few months

Leica is rumored to make the new Leica M10 camera available for custom configuration in their à la carte program in the next few months - could be as early as April this year, probably once the pre-orders backlog is fulfilled (rendering by Hollis Duncan).

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  • Franklin Berryman

    Rumored by whom? Leica Rumors?

    • I cannot tell you where this information is coming from.

  • Franklin Berryman

    That’s the great thing about source secret rumors. They could be inside information or just wishful thinking click bait on a slow newsday.

    • I think over time it is very easy to figure out what rumors sites are legit and what are clickbait (and there are a few that do nothing but clickbait). I have been running Leicarumors for over 8 years – plenty of time for anyone to make up their mind. Of course I do not claim to be 100% accurate on every single rumor I report, often things get changed, postponed or canceled.

      • Franklin Berryman

        Yet there is rarely any official confirmation that the rumor was true at the time, and later changed, postponed, or cancelled.

        • The confirmation is when the product is announced. Look at the Leica M10 category to see what I mean. Many things started as a rumor and almost all of them were correct, some of course were not.

  • Erick Boileau

    a-la-carte ? ok I want a M10 like the Leica M-D (Typ 262) LCD-less and ISO dial instead
    and a Visoflex like the one on SL

  • Licheus

    If only they’d allow it an aluminum top plate…

  • Artrek

    Awesome!!! Glad I held out on the M10. Hope the rumor is true.

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