Now also at B&H and Adorama: save $2,000 on select Leica M camera and lens combos

The latest Leica camera + lens specials are now available also at Adorama and B&H - at B&H click on the green “Build Bundle” button to see qualifying lenses:

This offer is valid through March 31st.

Similar savings are also available in the UK (Red Dot Cameras) and Germany (Meister Camera).

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  • cnick6

    If anyone is thinking about buying a Leica M (other than M10) then I can highly recommend the 50Lux f/1.4 — it’s an amazing lens! Great deal thru B&H if you buy both body and lens together. The lens is a steal at the package price!

    • I agree, this is a very good deal – you get the lens almost at half price!

  • Anon E. Mouse

    This essentially devalues the M240 by $2,000 since it only applies to bundles with those cameras (and the 246). The lens value doesn’t change with the release of the M10.

    • eric

      it seems like they are trying to get rid of extra stock as quickly as possible to make room for new m10. not sure about the value decline, because leica said it was going to continue to offer the m240 as an alternative with video to the new m.

    • cnick6

      Prices will stay relatively the same but distributors [likely] have a large supply of these older bodies [and lenses] and they need to sell as many as they can.

    • CHD

      Yes, it’s essentially a $2000 discount on the M240.

  • eric

    does anyone know if the m10 is significantly back ordered? ive been waiting two weeks on a few lists and nothing in stock. leica sure knows how to create demand.

    • yes, after the new facility was opened, I thought we will no longer have backorders

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