Leica price increase in the US: the full list with new pricing

Here is the full list of Leica products that will get a price increase on May 1st as I already reported yesterday (courtesy of Leica Store Miami):

Leica cameras

Code Item New Price Old Price Price Increase
10804 Leica S (Typ 007)  $18,950 $16,900 $2,050
20000 Leica M 10, black chrome finish  $6,895 $6,595 $300
20001 Leica M 10, silver chrome finish $6,895 $6,595 $300
10930 Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246), black chrome finish $7,550 $7,450 $100
10947 Leica M (Typ 262), black anodized finish $5,595 $5,395 $200
10503 Leica M7 0.72 black chrome finish  $4,550 $4,395 $155
10504 Leica M7 0.72 silver chrome finish  $4,550 $4,395 $155
10370 Leica M-A (Typ 127), black chrome finish $4,450 $4,195 $255
10371 Leica M-A (Typ 127), silver chrome finish $4,450 $4,195 $255
10302 Leica MP 0.72 black paint finish $4,550 $4,395 $155
10301 Leica MP 0.72 silver chrome finish  $4,550 $4,395 $155

Leica M lenses

Code Item New Price Old Price Price Increase
11626 Leica Wide-Angle-Tri-Elmar-M 16-18-21mm f/4.0 ASPH $5,395 $5,195 $200
11642 Leica Wide-Angle-Tri-Elmar-M 16-18-21mm f/4.0 ASPH with Universal Wide Angle Finder $5,995 $5,895 $100
11647 Leica Summilux-M 21mm f/1.4 ASPH $7,495 $7,395 $100
11145 Leica Super-Elmar-M 21mm f/3.4 ASPH $2,895 $2,795 $100
11601 Leica Summilux-M 24mm f/1.4 ASPH $7,295 $7,195 $100
11648 Leica Elmar-M 24mm f/3.8 ASPH $2,495 $2,395 $100
11668 Leica Summilux-M 28mm f/1.4 ASPH, Black Anodized $6,295 $6,195 $100
11695 Leica Summaron-M 28mm f/5.6, silver chrome finish   $2,595 $2,495 $100
11672 Leica Summicron-M 28mm f/2 ASPH, black $4,195 $4,095 $100
11675 Leica Summarit-M 35mm f/2.4 ASPH Silver Anodized Finish $5,295 $5,195 $100
11673 Leica Summicron-M 35mm f/2 ASPH, black $3,195 $2,995 $200
11674 Leica Summicron-M 35mm f/2 ASPH, silver $3,395 $3,195 $200
11602 Leica Noctilux-M 50mm f/0.95 ASPH $10,795 $10,650 $145
11667 Leica Noctilux-M 50mm f/0.95 ASPH, Silver Anodized Finish $10,995 $10,850 $145
11891 Leica Summilux-M 50mm f/1.4 ASPH – Black $3,895 $3,795 $100
11892 Leica Summilux-M 50mm f/1.4 ASPH – Silver $4,095 $3,995 $100
11826 Leica Summicron-M 50mm f/2.0 $2,295 $2,195 $100
11884 Leica APO-Summicron-M 90mm f/2.0 ASPH $4,195 $3,995 $200
11670 Leica Macro-Elmar-M 90mm f/4 $3,395 $3,295 $100
11629 Leica Macro-Elmar-M 90mm f/4 with Macro-Adapter-M and Angle VF $3,995 $3,795 $200

Leica M10 accessories

Code Item New Price Old Price Price Increase
24022 Leica M10 Leather Camera Protector, Red $240 $195 $45
24021 Leica M10 Leather Camera Protector, Vintage Brown $240 $195 $45
24020 Leica M10 Leather Camera Protector, Black $240 $195 $45
24014 Leica M10 Thumb Support, Black $240 $195 $45
24015 Leica M10 Thumb Support, Silver $240 $195 $45
24002 Leica M10 Battery Charger BC-SCL 5 $160 $125 $35
24013 Leica M10 Correction Lens II, -3.0 diopter $175 $150 $25
24012 Leica M10 Correction Lens II, -2.0 diopter $175 $150 $25
24011 Leica M10 Correction Lens II, -1.5 diopter $175 $150 $25
24010 Leica M10 Correction Lens II, -1.0 diopter $175 $150 $25
24009 Leica M10 Correction Lens II, -0.5 diopter $175 $150 $25
24008 Leica M10 Correction Lens II, +0.5 diopter $175 $150 $25
24007 Leica M10 Correction Lens II, +1.0 diopter $175 $150 $25
24006 Leica M10 Correction Lens II, +1.5 diopter $175 $150 $25
24005 Leica M10 Correction Lens II, +2.0 diopter $175 $150 $25
24004 Leica M10 Correction Lens II, +3.0 diopter $175 $150 $25

Leica C (Typ 112)

Lastly, the little Leica C gets a small price bump. While not a significant amount, this one is somewhat strange. The C is going on four years old at this point, which is quite mature for a compact digital camera.

Code Item New Price Old Price Price Increase
18489 Leica C, Dark Red  $695 $629 $66
18485 Leica C, Light Gold  $695 $629 $66
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  • eric

    thanks for posting the list!

  • Ywind

    Did leica give up SL? What it’s not in the list?

    • That means the price is not going up for the SL.

  • Kev

    Does anyone know if this affects people who preordered the camera and still have yet to receive it?

    • eric

      i doubt it. if you pre-ordered with a credit card you already agreed to a certain price.

    • No

  • Jim Evidon

    With a depressed Euro and little possibility that it’s value vs. the dollar will climb, there is little justification for this price increase, especially when, except for an occasional sale there was no price adjustment downward when the Euro dropped. Too bad.

    • I agree, the prices should be getting lower in the US.

      • Could this mean they are selling well enough so Leica would be ok with selling less at a higher price?

        I agree with zm, the leica paradigm, the film camera that could be used for a lifetime is over. These digital bodies just don’t seem worth the money. But I could never afford them anyway, even the film bodies when I was younger.

        The prices on the lenses are amazing. High. Eye watering? For what I’m used to paying for nikon af lenses. And lordy, how inexpensive the old ai-s glass is. But I suppose the glass is worth it.

    • Eric

      Vanity has no price. As a Leica M240 user, I too feel the pinch of Leica equipment and have found it hard to justify any upgrade in terms of return-on-investment (last purchase was over 4 years ago, before retiring from my former job). But the Leica financial machine is not concerned so much with those of us who put pennies away every month in order to afford a Leica years down the road. As a “low numbers, high profit” firm, their pricing is aimed at maintaining exclusivity and not at photography upward mobility. I think that as long as they can sustain this in the market, they will continue pricing at these levels. After all, they are a business.

    • What it looks like to me is that the M10 is selling like hotcakes, and they want to dampen demand a tad.

  • Refurb7

    That’s ok. I couldn’t afford Leica before and still can’t afford it now. No change for me.

  • sunnywinds

    Anyone starts considering SONY a9 ?

    • no 🙂

    • Never. lol

      • sunnywinds

        Lovely !!

    • Bo Dez

      not an a9 but an a9r, maybe. I would much rather use an M, but if they aren’t going to offer motion, usb, high resolution then I have to go elsewhere for something to use my M Lenses on.

      • CHD

        I agree with you but if you’re looking for higher resolution bodies to make us of your M lenses then Sony isn’t the place to look. Any advantage of the higher resolution will be negated by the thicker filter stack that doesn’t play well with M glass.

        • Bo Dez

          Yeah. The A7r2 is better than the A7r though. For 50 and longer, which I intend to use it for it will be pretty good. And it’s better than leica’s high resolution body. lol.

          • You still lose a lot of acutance with Sony’s thick sensor stack.

    • raziel28

      It is not fancy enough for Leica fanboys. 😉
      It doesn’t have a red dot and it is too cheap. And the most important: It is not a status symbol!

    • I have never really liked the design of the Sony cameras for some reason, and I doubt this one will change my mind, although it certainly looks like it could serve as a good D5 competitor. Maybe it will wake up Nikon to do something interesting for the D6.

      I’m hoping the A9, among other things, makes Leica decide to hurry up development of an improved SL, which I would really love to see. They are really close with the current one, but it needs near D5-level low light performance for me to feel comfortable pulling the trigger on such an expensive system.

      I don’t know what to think about the people who talk about Leicas as status symbols. Almost everyone who sees my Leica Q has no idea what it is. The public thinks it looks different and intriguing, but almost nobody realizes it’s super-expensive. I think for most people a Sony A9 is likely to be more recognizable therefore probably more of a status symbol than any Leica product.

  • ZM

    A step in the wrong direction, especially when it comes to the digital cameras. When is Leica going to learn that their digital cameras are not heirlooms to be passed down they are tools to be used and thrown away when they are worn out or no longer relivant. They need to accept reality and price their products accordingly!

    • Refurb7

      I think that you’re the one who needs to accept reality, not Leica. Leica doesn’t make throw away products and won’t price them as such. People pay Leica prices and that’s all there is to it.

      • ZM

        I’ve owned an M6 for 20 years I just brought a 240 (used before the announcement of the M10) while I would gladly pay the going rate for a new film leica there is no way I would pay more than I paied for my used M240 a little over $3000 for any digital M because within 10+ years it will be a doorstop look at the m9 the ones that are still out there will surely not be in use much less useable in another 10 years. I will still be happily shooting with my M6. So yes Leica like all camera manufacturers making digital cameras is making disposable products! THAT IS THE REALITY!

  • No increase on the 50mm APO right?

  • raziel28

    SL looks very similar to α7 series, both have modern design and I prefer it over brick style/retro stuff that Fuji and Leica “use”.
    I do not know what problem Fuji and Leica users have with SONY, I have noticed that majority of them can’t stand S.
    Which is ridiculous! If there were no S, Canon, Nikon and Leica would give us the same products with a “few” improvements and minor, not worth mentioning updates over and over again… And all that after 4 years of waiting.
    Some might say “It is like a mini computer”. Well, it is a DIGITAL, it should be! When I want to be “true”, I use film cameras. 😉

    I have nothing against any camera manufacturer!

  • CHD

    The only increase here that surprises me is the Leica S….$2k increase to $18,950. That is insane given what Hasselblad and Fuji are selling their new medium format systems for.

  • Well damn. I was lucky enough to be able afford an M Typ 240 a few years ago. Forward a few years and I now also own a used M7 which I just use the same lens on. I’m very happy with both but it seems that it’ll be unlikely I’ll be upgrading my digital to a new M in the future. Just too damn expensive. Has anyone else noticed digital cameras in general are going up and up in price over the last few years? Crazy.

    My ultimate digital M would be a screenless M10. A true M7 companion.

    • I think M10 without a screen will be announced at one point.

  • John Görten

    I step out here to buy new Leica.

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