Leica to end the free CCD sensor replacement for older M9/M9-P/M-E/Monochrom cameras on August 15th, 2017

Leica Camera announced today they will end the free CCD sensors replacement for M9/M9-P/M-E/Monochrom cameras that are older than 5 years on August 15th, 2017. After that date, Leica will continue to replace the sensor only in cases where the cameras have been purchased as new products within the last five years. For cameras older than 5 years, the sensor replacement will still be available for 982 euros (around $1000). Here are the details:

Latest information concerning the CCD sensors of the Leica M9 / M9-P / M Monochrom and M-E camera models

Following the successfully implemented and largely completed replacement program for corroded sensors that affected M9, M9-P, M Monochrom and M-E camera models, we would now like to inform you about how this program will be handled in the future.

Until August 15, 2017, we will continue to offer free replacement of sensors for these camera models if they are affected by the corrosion problem. This will also apply after August 16, 2017 for the models listed above, but only in cases where the cameras have been purchased as new products within the last five years.

From August 16, 2017, and until further notice, we will offer our customers the following new program for all camera models mentioned above that were purchased more than five years ago. Here, the customer pays a portion of the replacement costs for the affected CCD sensor amounting to 982 euros (825 euros plus 19% VAT). In addition to this we also offer you a free general overhaul* of your Leica M camera and a one year warranty in line with the same terms as for new products. This offer expresses our commitment to conserving the value of your camera.

We have also revised our upgrade offers with more attractive terms for our customers. Instead of a sensor replacement, we offer our customers the alternative option of sending us their camera affected by sensor corrosion as partial payment for the purchase of selected Leica M camera models of the Typ 240 generation at even more attractive terms. Leica Customer Care will be pleased to inform and advise interested customers about the terms and conditions of the upgrade offer.

With regard to the above, we would like to remind you that the replacement of CCD sensors and the upgrade offers apply only to cameras confirmed to be affected by this problem, and only to the models of the Leica M-System we have listed above. Preventive replacement of sensors is not included in this program.

*The general overhaul of the Leica M-camera includes the following items:

  • Cleaning and overhaul of the shutter cocking mechanisms
  • Cleaning and maintenance/repair of the multifunction wheel
  • Cleaning of the main switch and shutter speed dial
  • Adjustment of the baseplate locking system
  • Refurbishing of engravings
  • Renewal of the protective film on the baseplate
  • Maintenance/repair of viewfinder displays


The date on which you purchased your camera as a new product applies. The sales receipt serves as proof of the date of purchase. If you no longer have your sales receipt, the age of the camera will be determined from its serial number. In this case, the date on which it was supplied to the dealer applies.

The date on which the defect was reported to Leica Camera AG applies. In each concrete case, a check of the camera by Leica Customer Care is required to prove that the problem is due to the corresponding sensor defect. This check can be made by sending the camera or a suitable test exposure to Leica Customer Care and subsequent checking of the camera by specialist personnel at Leica.

Leica Customer Care can provide concrete prices for your upgrade wishes on request.

Due to the extremely high demand for the new Leica M10, this model is excluded from the upgrade programme. Only the direct successors of the Leica M9 listed below are available as options in the upgrade programme:
• Leica M (Typ 240)
• Leica M-P (Typ 240)
• Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246)


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  • eric

    Nice to see Leica stand behind their product for that long. Interesting comment at the end about the M10 being in extremely high demand. I would agree, I am now on several different lists and it seems nearly impossible to find one. I think I made a mistake ordering from a larger dealer at first and next time will be ordering from a small local shop.

  • Penciljockey

    This is disgraceful and not at all what I expect from Leica. What the hell are we paying so much for anyway? This is unacceptable!!!

    • Jeff Bridges

      Disagree. They offered the free replacement sensor for a while when they didn’t have to offer it for free at all.

      • FountainHead

        The pencil he’s riding is just too far up.

    • eric

      A five year warranty is pretty long. If your model was effected and you haven’t replaced it by now, then you probably got enough use out of it.

      • CHD

        ‘If your model was effected and you haven’t replaced it by now, then you probably got enough use out of it.’

        Yeah…cus why would you want your $8,000 camera to last more then 5 yrs.

        • eric

          Things aren’t made to last forever. Exchange the camera in or trade it in for a new one. Whats not to like about that? Leica will still fix your sensor, you just have to pay. Nobody forced you to buy a $8k camera.

          • CHD

            Of course things aren’t made to last forever….but Leica brands itself as a prestige, high end camera maker. Truth be told my Canon 20D from 2005 still works without a hitch. An $8k camera should last more then 5 years…the sensor issue is a fatal design flaw, it’s not something that happens with normal wear and tear, and there-in lies the difference.

          • eric

            Was the design flaw in every m9 or just some? It seems like they should have replaced the effected models and been done with it. True, most of my digital cameras still work but my point was, things age. I have film cameras that don’t work like they used to either. It sucks, but what can you do. They said they’d fix it for you still, just have to pay something if it’s been five years.

          • CHD

            To my knowledge the problem was with ALL M9’s. Even the initial M9’s that had the sensor replaced eventually had the same problem, it’s just the later replacement sensors where the issue is fixed.

    • You are right!

    • Nathan Wright

      Certainly you understand that those sensors are a rare commodity now. It is understandable that Leica cut off the free replacement of corroded sensors at some point as the purchase price for those now ancient sensors is only going to go up as the batches get smaller and the producer focuses on different technology.

    • ZMWT

      Go film.

      • Ryan Villanueva

        More reason why I will always keep and treasure my film Leicas!

  • abortabort

    Well there goes the resale value of any of these that haven’t YET had this issue. We know they all will at some point, so if it hasn’t had the problem (yet) and therefore can’t be replaced for free, you are going to be stuck paying for it later down the track.

    I could understand Leica having a cutoff date, but users should be able to proactively replace their certain to be faulty sensors.

    Also what about the poor sods who got theirs replaced early in the program with identical original sensors without the newer glass? They’ve had the issue and will definitely get it again, but by that time it will cost them a grand.

    This is more inventive for me to keep mine as it has only just been replaced. But I had been planning to change over to a CCD Mono at some point.

  • Bo Dez

    Very disappointing Leica. Time for me to change brands I think even though no one will want to buy my camera.

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