Leica M Monochrom “Jim Marshall Set” limited edition camera unboxing video

The new Leica M Monochrom "Jim Marshall Set" limited edition camera is now shipping in the US  (pre-orders available at Leica Store Miami and Leica Store San Francisco). Here is the first unboxing video:

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  • eric

    I like a good unboxing. I wonder what the special edition M10’s will go for considering its initial popularity.

    • They need to hurry up with a Leica MD10. I just got my Leica M10 Black anyone want it? 😀

      • eric

        Haha…congrats…i actually switched to silver from the black because i liked the look better. im sure the md will be out next year. can’t wait for the next monochrome update. 🙂

        • ty ty. i probably wont sell it- tempting tho, and im really really love the camera so much!

      • DouglasGottlieb

        Yes please

      • DouglasGottlieb

        Yes, please. I would like it

  • i like it when leica brings out new products, i totally hate when leica keeps coming up with limited edition and dressing up the cameras. where is the art of protography in that? might aswell take it to gucci prada and make custom outfits with matching shoes. savy?

    • by the way, dont listen to me, i cant afford a leica =) but i someday would wish to shoot with one. drools.

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