More info on the MS Optics Fluorit Super Apochromat Aporis 135mm f/2.4 lens for Leica M mount

Some additional information on the new MS Optics Fluorit Super Apochromat Aporis 135mm f/2.4 full frame lens for Leica M mount from Japan Camera Hunter (the lens is currently available for pre-order). There are two versions of the lens: one for Leica M cameras (coupled) and one for other mirrorless cameras (not coupled). Here is how Mr. Miyazaki came up with the idea for this lens:

Seven years ago, I designed an objective lens for a telescope that utilized fluorite glass. This experience taught me just how amazing this kind of glass is for correcting color aberrations. Thanks to the goodwill of Canon Optron, I too can now utilize this kind of glass.

I researched the fast 135mm focal length, which is the type of lens for which the most benefit can be expected, and after much effort designing something based on the low nd of 1.43, I decided to use an Ernostar optical design with its minimal coma. The front element is a large thick piece of fluorite to realize a high performance lens with a maximum aperture of f/2.4.

Leica M mount lens (coupled):

  • Ernostar type Fluorit Apochromat
  • Focusing – 1.6m to infinity
  • Adjusted for minimum SA and coma at 10m
  • ¥148,000 (ca. $1,300) for the coupled version, the 1.8x eyepiece magnifier is sold separately

Non-focus coupled version (for cameras with live view):

  • Manual floating mechanism for SA optimization
  • Manual floating mechanism for coma optimization
  • Manual floating enables the full potential of the lens to be used to achieve its best performance from 1.6m to infinity.
  • ¥135,000 (ca. $1,200) for the uncoupled version with spherical aberration and coma adjustment levers


  • SA -0.15 (extremely good)
  • AST -0.11 SM
  • Distortion: +-0.2 (1.6m to infinity)
  • f/2.4 is a bright aperture but contrast is high across the entire image plane (image at 15m)
  • At f/4 – f/5.6 image quality is extremely good

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  • tjholowaychuk

    Curious to see some shots from this one! What’s “SA”?

    • Mistral75

      Spherical aberration.

  • Alexander Lem

    The 1.8x magnifier is not bundled the extra cost for the coupled version is the coupling itself. (Focus coupled type – (1.8x magnifier sold separately)) from jch store

    • correct, I will updated my post

  • J L Williams

    Note: “Fluorit,” not “Flourit.” The Flourit might be a lens designed for those cloud-of-dust photos that were such a fad last year…

    • Fixed, I just copied it from JCH 🙂

  • hjwulff

    An unprotected CaF element in front? How is this supposed to last, especially in damp conditions?

  • Licheus

    Again, on paper this lens performs on par with the much more expensive Leica 135/3.4 APO-Telyt-M, and can do some more tricks. Very niche market, but it’s likely to be made in a very small batch as well…

  • Licheus

    Last month Hayata Camera, a main distributor, shed some light on Mr. Miyazaki’s next M lens project, the Histrio-Prot 40/6.3, due this summer:

    It’ll be a small format version of the 1890 Zeiss Protar, Zeiss’s first anastigmat design which in the future would evolve into the Tessar. Looks like it will mark a new MS-Optics lens series based on historical designs.

    • ZMWT

      40/6.3? Is there a typo? You meant 40/3?

      • Licheus

        It’s f/6.3, which is pretty fast for the design, thanks to the smaller format. Most vintage large format Zeiss Jena Protars (Series V) are f/16.

        • ZMWT

          I didn’t have my morning coffee; so he is adapting large format camera lens designs from 100 years ago for the M-mount?

          • Licheus

            Yes. Not necessarily “large format” though as these designs are from a period when smaller formats were not available or practical.

  • ZMWT

    Mr Miyazaki should be given a medal of honour; an incredible man!

  • Bo Dez

    I wish he would show sample images

    • I am curious too.

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