Leica M10 lens reports

Just a quick recap on the Leica M10 lens reports I have done in the past few months (the next M10 report will be on the 7Artisans 50mm f/1.1 lens for Leica M-mount, stay tuned):

Leica M10 lens report: Meyer-Optik Trioplan 100mm f/2.8 lens

Voigtlander Heliar 75mm f/1.8 VM lens review (with the Leica M10)

Quick hands-on review of the Handevision IBERIT lenses on a Leica M10 camera

Voigtlander Heliar Vintage Line 50mm f/3.5 VM lens for Leica M mount review

Shooting the Milky Way with the Leica M10 (Zeiss Distagon 15mm f/2.8 ZM lens review)

My new Leica M10 macro/product photography setup

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  • eric

    Id be interested in seeing a review of the 28mm summaron f/5.6 pancake lens released earlier this year. Haven’t seen many around yet.

    • I wil try to get one for review in the next few months.

      • eric

        awesome, look forward to it.

        • Well, don’t get excited – I am not a good reviewer 🙂

          • eric

            your reviews are straight forward which is often better than most ones that say every lens is amazing. the zeiss distagon 15mm f/2.8 ZM review was cool with the Milky Way shots. Ive never shot that wide but thinking about trying it out sometime.

          • Thanks!

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